Renovation work on Islamabad Green Belts Hits off

Renovation work on Islamabad Green Belts Hits off

May/25/2021, Islamabad: Capital Development Authority has started Renovating Green belts across the Capital City, Islamabad.

The resources were told that trees and green belts were renovated under the “Light Up Islamabad” Program.

Before that lights on Srinagar Highway (Previously known as Kashmir Highway) were restored which left a huge impact in enhancing the beauty of Islamabad.

Green Belts play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the city as they are located in between each sector of Islamabad. They give an extraordinary breathing space for the inhabitants.

Colorful lights are to be installed on the green belts as well to increase the serenity of the city during the nighttime.

CDA has been doing great services in regards of bring beauty back to the city, this is one of those initiatives. Federal Government has also been showing a very positive attitude towards this motive and the Private sector is also showing its keen interest.


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