Real Estate in Karachi

Karachi being the biggest metropolitan city in Pakistan is primarily an industrial and business hub. It is situated at the bank of the Arabian Sea with the primary seaport of the country. Real estate in Karachi offers a wide range of properties for all budget classes. The development of the city began when it started serving the Indus Valley and Punjab of British India.

The city has a very vast real estate zone of the city. There are plots, flats, villas, farmhouses and bungalows of various sizes available. In addition, it has luxurious apartments that are furnished with all the modern-day amenities.

Most popular Real Estate Locations

If you are looking for prime locations for residential purposes, Zamzama, Clifton, Gizri and Babar Commercial. Moreover, areas like Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Askari, and Karsaz are some areas which offer a splendid living experience.

Real Estate for Sale in Karachi

There are various houses for sale surrounding Quaidabad, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Malir and  Gulshan-e-Maymar which also offer a good investment opportunity.

In addition, there are many lavish housing schemes which appeal to people to invest there. DHA Karachi, Clifton, and PECHS are among the top-rated schemes in Karachi.

Furthermore, Hyderi and Nizamabad are also becoming popular among the city due to their rapid development.

Real Estate in Defence Karachi

Karachi is the largest city which offers unlimited residential choices but DHA Karachi stands out among the crowd. It is due to this reason, that it has the international standard infrastructure and modern facilities. It has wide roads with a clean and green environment.

There is a total of 8 phases of DHA Karachi and each of them divides into several blocks. All of them promise a better living experience for the residents. The society has its own water, gas, and electricity resources with 24/7 availability.

Recently, Phase 7 and Phase 8 are high on demand as they offer the best real estate in Karachi. Both of these phases are good options for real estate investment as they are equipped with best educational institutes, mosques, commercial centres and parks. Being closer to the beach adds more value to the worth of the property.

For buying houses, Phase 1 and Phase 2 are the most popular location as these phases are already developed and populated. The houses in DHA are designed by world-class architects that promise top-notch interiors. The architectural planning includes very wise consumption of area which ensures that no space will be wasted while construction. Also, the payment plan is very budget-friendly.

If you are searching for a rewarding investment in the commercial sector, then Bali Business Boulevard provides you with the best opportunity. It is located in DHA Phase II, with the best location and all the facilities for a better lifestyle. This project expects to generate high profits in the near future.

Real Estate in Scheme 33

Gulzar-e-Hijri commonly known as Scheme 33 is the area which is currently under developmental phases. It is top-rated due to its exceptional facilities. The prices here are quite affordable as compared to the other areas of the city. In addition, the market for Scheme 33 is going to rise as the development phase ends. Hence, it is a great investment opportunity to buy property in this area as it promises a high return on investment.

The location of the area is remarkable. It is another highlighting factor which increases the worth of property in Scheme 33 and compels investors to invest in the area. Many famous areas fall in its locality including Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Malir Cantt. Moreover, Scheme 33 also directly connects to M9 Motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad.

The residential scheme is stretching over an area of more than 26,026 acres and has the capacity to accommodate numerous houses. Some part of the area is developed and already populated which lies within the city limits. The rest of the project falls under the suburb category which is under the construction phase, having plots of both residential and commercial nature.

Real Estate in GADAP Town

GADAP is another very trendy housing scheme falling under the category of suburbs in Karachi. It connects to the Northern Bypass which makes it easy to access all the main highways of the city. The area also entertains some very popular weekly and seasonal bazaars in the city. The ease of accessibility makes the GADAP town the most-searched society in Karachi.

It extends over an area of 1,200 kilometres, half of the area is populated while half of it is currently under construction. The society contains plenty of open spaces and offers calm and peaceful surroundings to its residents.

The area has many plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal out for sale. On top of that, the prices are very affordable which makes it the most sought location of real estate in the city. The real estate market is considering the area very profitable for investments due to the rapid growth of infrastructure and property development.

Real Estate in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is considered as one of the poshest areas in the suburbs of Karachi. It has become the top choice of property investors in the last few years. The most attractive feature about Bahria Town is that it is providing a platform of lavish residencies specially built to upgrade your lifestyle. Moreover, its budget-friendly instalment options capture the buyers and investors to keep Bahria Town as a top choice. Society sub-divides into residential and commercial districts. There are many sports villas for sale in Bahria Sports City that span over 350 square yards and present world-class charms. If you want to buy small-sized residential property of 5 or 10 Marla, Ali Block provides the best and most affordable offers.

Real Estate in Gulistan-e-Jauhar

Gulistan-e-Jauhar covers a large part of city’s real estate. The area majorly consists of vertical construction. Gulistan-e-Jauhar has various shopping malls and entertainment spots including Nueplex Cinemas and Millenium Mall.

Also, the area is present at the prime location where it connects to the Jinnah International Airport. The area further divides into 20 blocks with state-of-the-art facilties. Block 14 and 15 has many plots out for sale and currently emerging as the most popular areas for property sale in Karachi.

Best Real Estate Companies in Karachi

If you are in search of real estate in Karachi, we are providing you with a list of some best real estate marketing companies which can make your property hunt much more convenient.

  • Bin Sajir Establishments.
  • Dha Karachi Real Estate
  • Elakta Properties
  • Memon Property Point
  • Service Bazaar
  • Vogue Estate Agency
  • Realvisory Company
  • Bagha Real Estate Services.
  • Private Service
  • Hr Properties
  • Shaheen Corporation
  • Mr Real Estate & Construction
  • Real Agent
  • 7 Star Associates
  • Al Umer Estates
  • Zafarson Global Services Ltd.
  • Ideal Home
  • Progressive Real Estate Consultants
  • Cyber City
  • Adamali Jivajee & Sons

They not only make you buy your home faster but the trusted professionals will take off all the burden from your shoulders.  Furthermore, they will do all paperwork for you and make the whole process easier. These companies are among the top ones which are currently taking over the real estate business in Karachi.


We have provided you a through information about the trending real estate sites and companies you can check out while looking for property in Karachi. This blog covers all the profit-making and budget-friendly options which will certainly help you in making informed decisions regarding real estate of Karachi. Contact RBS Real Estate and Builders for further information because the consultation is free.


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