RDA is unable to initiate any development projects during the current fiscal year

RAWALPINDI: RDA is unable to initiate any development projects during the current fiscal year.

In terms of new developments in Rawalpindi City, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has been observed to be inactive in the current fiscal year. RDA has not even begun one single development project in the entire city. In addition, already-launched projects are experiencing delays for a variety of reasons. The current fiscal year is about to close, yet RDA is unable to initiate any development projects during this year.

Moreover, ongoing projects are delaying; three significant Rawalpindi projects assign to RDA have not yet begun. These initiatives include the much anticipated Rawalpindi Ring Road, the Leh Expressway, the renovation of Kutchery Chowk, and flood channels. “Except for the PC-1 design, there has been no noticeable progress in these initiatives,” said an RDA senior officer.

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He claims that the current government is unwilling to begin any fresh development initiatives because of political instability. In addition, he said that three main roads in Rawalpindi, LHC Road, Airport Road, and Service Road completed. But their condition is still bad.

However, from 2013 to 2018, the Rawalpindi Development Authority finished the construction work on several projects in Rawalpindi, including the Double Road Interchange, Liaquat Bagh Flyover, and Fawwara Chowk Parking Plaza.

A significant project for the city, the Rawalpindi Ring Road, has undergone various changes. They claim that this project will start several times, however, there has been no progress so far. According to RDA authorities, the local government cannot decide to begin development initiatives on its own without government approval.

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