RBS Exclusive Sales Partner of Trivelles Smart Homes

RBS Exclusive Sales Partner of Trivelles Smart Homes

Royal Business Solutions (RBS) becomes the the Exclusive Sales Partner of Trivelles Smart Homes. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between both the firms. RBS and Trivelles Smart Homes joined hands in order to promote modernization in Real Estate market of Pakistan.

Find the glimpses from the event below

Exclusive Sales PartnerExclusive Sales Partner

About Trivelles Smart Home

Trivelles Smart Home certainly brings the next level development in Pakistan’s Real Estate Industry. It offers Smart Home for the first time using cutting-edge technology. Truly based on home-automation idea, these hundred million dollar project turns your life towards more modern style.

Trivelles Smart Home is the subsidiary of Trivelles International. It has earned eminent respect in United Kingdom property business. Because of its most advance and unique ideas, it has done various big projects worldwide. Moreover, Trivelles International is expert in providing Smart Homes. Thus, if we say it is revolutionizing the facade of Real Estate, it would not be wrong.

About RBS-Exclusive Sales Partner

Royal Business Solutions (RBS) is the firm that looks forward digitization and modernization in property field. Also, RBS is platinum sales partner of Capital Smart City islamabad. This firm has the legacy to get involve only in modern and quality ventures.



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