RBS Celebrated Orphan’s Day 2019

RBS has sponsored the Pakistan Orphan Day held on April 29, 2019 at Jinnah Convention, Islamabad. This event mainly organized by Khubaib Foundation. Meanwhile, main sponsors of this event includes Capital Development Authority (CDA), Royal Business Solutions (RBS), Capital Smart City Islamabad, Riphah International University and many more.

Pakistan Orphan Day

This unique event of its own kind in history of Pakistan gathered more than 3000 orphans in Jinnah Convention Center. The foremost aim of such gathering is to shed light upon the main problems and hurdles faced by this marginalized strata of the society. Different amazing tableaus, cultural program and stage performances represented by kids.  Senior actor and comedian Masood Khawaja hosted this event.

President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Sardar Yaqoob Khan appeared as chief guests. In addition, Turkish Ambassador in Pakistan, Mr. Sadiq Babar Girgin, Chairman CDA Labour Union Chaudhry Yaseen, Chairman Sweet Homes Zmurd Khan and many others made apperance at Jinnah Convention Center to show up their sodality with Orphans. Philanthropists mainly from Turkey attended this event. This day was celebrated from last 17 years to show the solidarity with Orphans in Pakistan.

Khubaib Foundation

Khubaib Foundation mainly operates more than 11 orphan centers in different cities of Pakistan. This Foundation supporting the education of these individuals free of cost. Meanwhile, several are studying in Turkey’s universities and others are doing Ph.D as well. Furthermore, it’s also operating such centers in turkey and Syria as well.

Royal Business Solution is one step ahead in serving humanity. It’s our immense pleasure and honor to participate in such activities. Royal Business Solutions along with other dignitaries from different fields of life pledged to try their best in serving these without-parents flowers. Moreover, souvenirs, shields and certificates distributed among the attendants and sponsors. Have a look at few picture from the events.


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