Rawalpindi Ring Road Completion Date Unveiled

Mr. Liaquat Ali Chatta, who is the Commissioner, has shared when the big “Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR)” project will be finished. According to the news, they aim to complete the RRR project by July 31, 2024. Right now, they are fixing up the Thalian Interchange and working on building bridges over the Sil & Soan Rivers.

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The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) will come up with a plan to plant trees on both sides of the Ring Road, as mentioned by Chatta. He also mentioned that they are making changes to both the Rawalpindi Ring Road RRR and the Motorway (M2) traffic system. They have already completed more than 18% of the original work, and Chatta assured that they are committed to building everything with high quality.

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The opening ceremony for the Ring Road is planned for August 14, 2024. This comprehensive project involves building:

  • Six Canals
  • A Railway Bridge
  • Fifteen Subways
  • Five Interchanges
  • Two River Bridges
  • Eleven Overpasses

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