Quetta has approved the construction of skyscrapers

High-rise building construction in Quetta is given conditional approval following amendments to the 1937 Building Code Act. The news ‘Quetta has approved the construction of skyscrapers.

Constructing High-Rise Structures with Care and Resilience

The approval for constructing high-rise buildings in Quetta under the 2007 Building Code Act came 88 years after a devastating earthquake in 1935, which caused considerable human casualties and property damage. Before granting permission, authorities considered various factors including subsurface drains, the overall length of the structures, soil testing, and ground clearance.

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Moreover, the new Building Code Act aims to stop future catastrophic destruction, per the specifications. According to representatives of the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation (QMC), individuals who break the Building Code Act would suffer serious repercussions.

Meeting Regulations, Embracing Expertise

As per officials, adherence to the new regulations would enable the construction of buildings while maintaining safety standards. Experts state that the updated building code incorporates several construction phases to ensure that buildings are resistant to earthquakes.

Additionally, designing high-rise structures to withstand seismic activity involves considering factors such as structural integrity, foundation strength, and appropriate materials.

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