P&D Approves Daducha Dam Construction After 2-Year Delay

The Punjab Planning and Development Department (P&D) approved the resumption of the construction of the Daducha dam after a hiatus of about two years, according to the news reported on 20 November.

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According to the given details, P&D gave approval to adjust the project cost from PKR 6.4 billion to PKR 12.7 billion. Therefore, the Frontier Work Organization (FWO) took over the construction to complete it in two years.

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha stated that there was an upward revision in the cost of the project due to the increase in construction materials. The price for the land starts from PKR 1.550 billion to PKR 3.992 billion. He talked about the court order that requires payment of landowners at market rate. This further contributes to the total cost adjustment.

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The Daducha Dam is located strategically upstream of the Soan River. It intends to collect the rainwater from Murree and Kahuta hills. This is to create a reservoir at Daducha village near Sihala on Kahuta Road. Further, the dam expects to provide Rawalpindi with about 35 MGD to address the city’s water problem.

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