Punjab is planning to launch an e-registration system for property registration

LAHORE: Punjab is planning to launch an e-registration system for property registration

According to a news source, on April 27, South Punjab Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Capt (rtd) Saqib Zafar ordered administrative secretaries to start an e-registration system for property registrations in the area to ensure transparency in the procedure.

During a meeting, the ACS directed the pertinent agencies to act to enhance good governance and service delivery. Public complaints about fraud and corruption will address with the launch of the electronic registration system. The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA), an electronic stamping system, and the e-registration system will all be linked.

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The ACS added that using this system will eliminate all opportunities for tax evasion and document loss. He continued by saying it would help to streamline the real estate industry. Moreover, the revenue personnel will train in all potential procedures and put to use the knowledge they get from the ongoing Sahiwal Division e-registration pilot project.

Additionally, residents won’t need to visit as many offices because of the system’s openness. Residents who want to buy or sell property through e-registration must appear in front of a sub-registrar.

Furthermore, the IT system will monitor individuals who obstruct citizens. Transparency will ensure since BoR officers, commissioners, and deputy commissioners (DCs) will have daily access to the e-registration site to monitor sub-registrars.

Overall, e-registration will make life easier and provide residents with comfort as it improves the property registration process.

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