Plantation sites have been selected under the LHR beautification campaign

LAHORE: Plantation sites have been selected under the LHR beautification campaign

According to the latest updates, as part of the LHR beautification campaign, specific sites have carefully choose for plantation. To accomplish its goal of planting 1 million saplings in Lahore, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has selected four specific sites within the city.  Moreover, the authority has carefully chosen these locations to ensure the successful completion of the plantation target.

Planting a Million Saplings for a Sustainable Future

PHA’s Director General, Muhammad Tahir, has disclosed plans to plant 100,000 saplings alongside Lahore Ring Road out of the total 1 million plants. Additionally, the authority plans to plant approximately 70,000 saplings along the airport and its surrounding areas.

PHA’s Solar-Powered Watering Revolution

DG Tahir has announced a significant development in the Parks and Horticulture Authority’s (PHA) approach to watering the plants. Further, the authority has decided to transition the watering system to solar power, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices. Further, this shift will align with environmental goals. Also, it will ensure a reliable and efficient water supply for the plants.

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Moreover, DG Tahir said that in the event of minimal rainfall, the PHA will make necessary arrangements to ensure the plants receive adequate water. They will use alternative sources. The PHA will fulfill the provincial government’s target of planting one million plants in Lahore within the current financial year.

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