NuTech University Site in the Capital Smart City

Fast progress is happening at the NuTech University Site in the Capital Smart City.

The NuTech University Site within Capital Smart City is making significant headway, and development is being made quickly. Recently, officials from NuTech University, including the Rector and Pro-Rector, visited the site to get an update on the construction that is now taking place. They expressed their happiness over the development of the website and their appreciation for our ideas on the education of the future.

Since you know that Pakistan puts a great value on education, Capital Smart City Islamabad supporting Pakistan, has decided to build this institution. This decision was made because of the high value we place on education. This technological university campus will encourage higher education and develop new engineers and technicians who will contribute to the country’s economic prosperity. In addition, the university will have its research and development division responsible for creating indigenous technology and discovering answers to challenges faced by the industrial sector.

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