New Metro City Kharian Launched


New Metro City Kharian is a project of BSM Developers and is developed along modern international standards. It is the latest project in Punjab and is equipped with top-notch facilities. Likewise, the immaculate architectural design of New Metro City ensures a comfortable life for its residents. Moreover, the developers envision building a society with a high quality infrastructure and affordable rates. Therefore, it offers an installment program to enhance the buying capacity of the investors.

Furthermore, the New Metro City is the first Smart housing society in the surroundings of Kharian in the District of Gujrat. Lastly, there are several amenities in New Metro City to uplift the quality of living and make it a lifetime investment option.

Owners & Developers

The owner of the New Metro City project and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Malik Bilal. Moreover, the developers of this project are BSM Developers who are famous for their project Gwadar Golf City. Furthermore, they have an outstanding team of professionals and are aware of the art of building housing schemes. Therefore, investing in the New Metro City project will prove to be valuable.

New Metro City Location

The location of any housing society is a major attraction for investment. Therefore, the developers of New Metro City have come up with an ideal location in the district of Gujrat.

Furthermore, New Metro City is located on the main GT road between Kharian and Sarai Alamgir. Being located on the GT road, it enjoys a favorable position and is connected to all the major cities in Punjab.

New Metro City NOC status

The worth of an NOC approved society is significantly higher than that of a non-approved one. Therefore, the developers of the New Metro City project have a Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) approval. Moreover, the TMA Sarai-Alamgir has given a reference number to this housing society as MO(P)/34. Thus, this makes investment in New Metro City the right decision.

New Metro City Master Plan

The Master Plan of New Metro City Kharian is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Likewise, the properties in this housing scheme ensure quality living standards for all investors. The developers of New Metro City have prioritized the provision of quality living. Moreover, New Metro City will have top-notch facilities that provide luxury and comfort at an affordable price range.

Residential Plots

A wide range of residential plots are available to meet the preferences and requirements of investors. The plot sizes available at New Metro City are as follows:

– 5 Marla

– 7 Marla

– 10 Marla

– 14 Marla

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties provide an opportunity for future investors to grow financially. Therefore, these properties are a significant aspect of all housing societies. Moreover, New Metro City offers commercial plots at affordable rates to facilitate the growth of businesses. The sizes of commercial plots available at New Metro City are as follows:

– 3 Marla

– 6 Marla

– 8 Marla

Overseas Block

The overseas investors are a valuable asset to our country. Therefore, in order to provide them with quality living based on international standards, New Metro City offers them a wide range of features available at reasonable rates. Moreover, the overseas block at New Metro City will have several property sizes such as:

– 5 Marla

– 8 Marla

– 10 Marla

– 1 Kanal

New Metro City Development Status

The New Metro City is developing at a fast rate. Moreover, the plot cutting and filling work has been completed and the land is now ready for the construction work to begin. In addition to this, the development of Supreme villas is in progress.

Furthermore, the construction of roads in New Metro City has been completed. Likewise, the grand mosque is ready for the future residents of New Metro City. For further updates regarding the development work in New Metro City, visit the official website of Royal Business Solutions (RBS) Real Estate and Builders.

New Metro City Facilities

The project of New Metro City Kharian is equipped with top-notch facilities that make it a valuable asset for the investors. Some of the facilities available at New Metro City are mentioned below:

Basic Facilities

There will be a provision of all basic facilities like electricity, gas and water in New Metro City. Moreover, these facilities will be available for the residents at a reasonable price range. Therefore, this will make investing in New Metro City a great opportunity.

Health and Education

The developers of New Metro City offer the best lifestyle to its residents and investors. Moreover, educational institutions will be available in the housing society. Additionally, these institutions will be based on international education standards. Furthermore, the developers of New Metro City will also develop healthcare facilities to help residents in the case of any medical emergency.

Grand Mosque

New Metro City housing scheme has a grand Mosque for future residents where they can fulfill their religious obligations. Likewise, the mosque will have a high quality infrastructure.

Eco-friendly environment

The developers of New Metro City are focused on following an environment-friendly approach which involves less wastage and an effective process of construction. Additionally, the housing society will also have a plantation drive to enhance and uplift its beauty.

Secured gated community

There will be a provision of CCTV cameras in New Metro City that will record the on-going activities. Moreover, there will be security personnel patrolling 24/7 for the safety of the society.

Business opportunities

The commercial plots in New Metro City will allow the investors to grow their businesses according to their preferences.

New Metro City Features & Amenities

New Metro City is equipped with state-of-the art facilities and amenities. These include:

  • Eight-lane main boulevard
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Water distillation plant
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • 24/7 electricity supply
  • Grand Jamia mosque
  • Clubhouse
  • Trampoline park
  • Gym
  • BRT Bus System
  • Multiplex cinema
  • Smart City Features
  • Modern utilities
  • Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges)
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Aqua Theme Park
  • 24/7 Security
  • Community Center
  • Green areas & spaces


The New Metro City project provides a great investment opportunity. Moreover, it is a unique housing project located in Kharian. The developers of this housing society are focused on providing the best facilities and amenities to all future residents at the best rates in the market. Furthermore, the ideal location and the 3 year installment payment plan make it an attractive residential project. Likewise, New Metro City offers a high standard of living and an eco-friendly environment. Therefore, New Metro City has everything you are looking for in one gated community. Lastly, for further updates and information regarding the New Metro City housing project, visit the official Royal Business Solutions (RBS) Real Estate and Builders website.

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