LDA shares details of several new signal-free roads in Lahore

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has initiated the construction of signal-free corridors at different intersections by incorporating protected U-turns, aiming to alleviate the increasing traffic challenges in the city. This information was reported by a news source on December 1.

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As per the details, concrete pillars have erected at Qadir Topash Chowk and Y Junction. There are plans to extend this initiative to six additional junctions. The primary goal is to establish a network of signal-free corridors, starting with the stretch from Jinnah Hospital to Barkat Market.

In an extension of these efforts, the route from Jinnah Hospital to Barkat Market has seen the elimination of the traffic signal at Barkat Market. This route is replaced by a U-turn introduced two hundred meters later. Additionally, Abdul Sattar Edhi Road has undergone the removal of four traffic signals. Hence, they substituted with protected U-turns to enhance the efficiency of the traffic system.

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However, to reinforce these measures of signal-free, LDA authorities have placed barriers at key locations. These locations include Shimla Hill, Khokar Chowk, Abdul Haq Road, and Nishtar Chowk. Furthermore, these measures are likely implemented for various reasons, including traffic management and security.

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