LDA establishes a committee to inspect its land records

LAHORE: LDA establishes a committee to inspect its land records

According to a news source on May 2, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has established a committee to inspect its land records in an effort to prevent frauds involving double compensation or exemption.

According to the news source, LDA is the subject of numerous complaints regarding double compensation and exemption. The plots granted in exchange in Johar Town would be the subject of close examination about double compensation or exemption. The Chief Town Planner (CTP) was asked to provide the data of plot exchanges between 2018 and 2023 by the ACE.

Additionally, the LDA set a committee to examine the files that were in progress. However, they did not appear in the 2017 inventory list.. The committee will examine each file’s facts and conduct an analysis in accordance with its Terms of Reference (TORs). In the case of a plot exchange, the committee will assess the status of the preceding plot. It will also verify its exchange proceedings as well as its onsite possession status.

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The committee will also be in charge of analyzing the One Window Cell application’s initial process and entire history. The committee will cross-verify earlier communications and transactions and compare scanned copies of possession registers. It will thoroughly examine the files and provide suggestions for their inclusion in Inventory List according to its assessed integrity.

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