Last 11 Months Exports Recorded at $22.5B

Special Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Trade Abdul Razzaq Dawood said that during the present fiscal year Last 11 Months’ Exports Recorded at $22.5B. This Export Volume is 14% higher than that of last year.

Tweeting this on social media he said “From June 2020 to May 2021 exports are recorded at $22.5B. While last year it was $19.801B.

He further said credit for this $2.762B increase in exports goes to our exporters who were able to send our goods to international markets worldwide.

Special Advisor to Prime Minister Abdul Razzaq Dawood also stated that during May 2021 (This year) total exports were recorded at $1.651B. While Last year May 2020 it was $1.396B. This is 18.7% higher than last year which is a good sign for trade.

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