Lahore Smart City announces the extended Master Plan with Overseas and Executive East

According to the news report, Lahore Smart City  announced the extended master plan which includes Overseas East and Executive East for the investors.

The LSC Master Planners, in partnership with other designers such as those working on the Golf Course and Entertainment City.

They are collaborating on a comprehensive master plan aimed at creating a masterpiece that will captivate potential investors. This extension project marks a significant event for LSC and is set to revealed before the 2nd balloting.

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Presently, there are nearly 8 distinct designers diligently at work, causing a slight delay in the 2nd ballot selection process for LSC. InshaAllah, the selection will scheduled to commence on October 27, 2023.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We assure you that witnessing what a truly intelligent city embodies will bring immense satisfaction to LSC Members. Lahore Smart City Master Plan showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering a futuristic and exceptional experience.

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