KDA seeks to acquire land near Northern Bypass for the development of housing.

The Karachi Development Authority KDA seeks to acquire land for a large-scale housing project covering 14,000 acres near Karachi’s Northern Bypass to address its financial issues, as reported by a news source on January 2.

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Furthermore, the KDA’s Governing Board approved the project about two years ago, pending the acquisition of state land from the Sindh Government. Naveed Anver, the KDA Director General, outlined the upcoming steps.

Moreover, he revealed plans that KDA also seeks to acquire land over 14,000 acres near the Northern Bypass at discounted rates, payable in four installments, to the Chief Minister. Additionally, the Board of Revenue (BoR) will be consulted to gather ownership details of private land. In Deh Mithaghar and Deh Mahio for potential acquisition.

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Moreover, Mr. Anver highlighted the increasing demand for housing in the city. It is estimated that there is a need for around 100,000 new residential units annually. However, the formal sector is only capable of providing 32,000 units. The leading citizens to resort to informal settlements or shanty towns. This emphasizes the urgent requirement for more accessible housing options.

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