Importance of Thalian Interchange in Rawalpindi

Thalian Interchange in Rawalpindi is located about 8km from the New Islamabad International Airport next to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is in charge of maintaining control over Thalian Interchange. People can now go straight from the Lahore Motorway to the Islamabad International Airport thanks to the Interchange.

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To manage traffic coming from the Lahore Motorway and give people a direct route to the Islamabad International Airport, the Interchange was constructed. The Interchange provides quick access to Rawalpindi, Islamabad International Airport, and surrounding districts. Additionally, trucks from the airport transport cargo along this road.

Here are a few of the educational institutions close to Thalian Interchange that increase its significance for the community:

  • Roots Millennium School in Block H – Engineering Cooperative Housing Society
  • Rawalpindi College of Commerce and Rawalpindi Cantt College – Peshawar (nearly thirty minutes’ drive away from Thalian Interchange)
  • The Knowledge School and Roots International Schools – Jammu Kashmir Housing Scheme
  • Unique Learners School – Islamabad Motorway Link Road
  • Concept School – Moaz Road
  • NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering – Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Cosmopolitan University College Islamabad – G-14

Perks of the Interchange

Soon, Thalian Interchange in Rawalpindi will grow into a significant hub. The neighborhood will evolve into a highly developed business sector because of the large number of traffic. To capitalize on the countless commuters and potential customers passing through the area, numerous businesses, including commercial centers, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels, are built close to key interchanges.

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Thalian Interchange also serves as a hub for trade and transportation because of its advantageous position. Dealers and investors are looking to invest in the area because it is a desirable location for both economic and commercial interests. Another aspect boosting the significance of the Thalian Interchange is the increased need for employment possibilities.

Following that, several developments are underway, and the area will most likely see an increase in housing societies, residential projects, and commercial zones in less than five years to accommodate the expanding population and need for services.

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