Importance of CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China Pakistan Economic Corridor abbreviated as CPEC is a game-changer project led by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of the People’s Republic of China. The project attracts the whole world as it is going to be one of the largest trade routes in the world.
CPEC route enjoys a great edge of connecting to the deep sea and reducing the freight charges for the traders.

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi ring road is a hot discussion in the town and People are showing a great interest in the project. It is an almost 64-kilo meters long highway with 6 lanes on each side and eight interchanges. Corridor will be signal-free as informed by Chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA Tariq Murtaza. This Economic route starts from the N-5 near Radio Pakistan in Rawat, Surpasses through M1 & M2, and ends at Sangjani by crossing N5 which further connects it to the Capital City.

Importance of CPEC

CPEC originally values at $47 billion whereas total value worths $62 billion. The route starts from Gwadar port Pakistan and surpasses all the four provinces of Pakistan enters china through Kashghar. CPEC is a project which is eventually going to upgrade the whole of Pakistan, Project is already creating numerous job opportunities for locals. The trade route will surpass the whole of Pakistan, and eventually, Rural and neglected areas of Pakistan are definitely going to get opportunities to establish new businesses and a number of employment opportunities will be available.
CPEC is not just a route between two countries, It includes way more than this, Gwadar Port is one of the projects under CPEC. The Port is located at the face of the Persian Gulf and covers all the key shipping routes in and out of the Persian sea. Gwadar is going to be Pakistan’s third port after port Qasim and Karachi port and will increase the pace of trade for Pakistan, China, and Russia.

Gwadar City

A city has already started to progress near the sea. Gwadar city will be hosting 80,000 residents at its first stage and people can get an amusing sight of sea view and marine life.
Power Projects
Many power projects are included in CPEC like Sahiwal Coal-fired power plant(660×2-MW), Quaid-E-Azam Solar Park Bahawalpur(1000-MW), HUBCO Thar Coal power project, and 15 more coal power projects. 4 Hydel Projects and 2 Potential energy projects are also under construction.

Importance of Rawalpindi Ring Road | RRR

Rawalpindi ring road is a vital project for citizens of twin cities and their suburbs furthermore, the ring road is expected to have eight interchanges at the following points:
1. Radio Pakistan, Rawat
2. Kotha Kalan
3. Murat
4. Khalsa Khurd
5. Chakri
6. Fateh Jang Road
7. Hakla
8. Sangjani
These interchanges will be very fruitful for the local residents. In the first phase, residential projects will be established along with the four interchanges including a fruit-vegetable wholesale market, Hospitals, Commercial and residential areas, Recreational theme parks, Business hub, and expo center, Goods & transport Hub, Dry port warehouse, and truck terminal.
0.15 Million fruit trees are also going to be planted along with this signal-free corridor. This road will also be a safe passage for those traveling to Islamabad International Airport from remote areas of the Pothohar region and other rural areas of Rawalpindi, and the traffic load on the main grand trunk road from Rawat to Rawalpindi city will also reduce.

There are many ongoing housing projects developing near the new Islamabad International Airport which are going to be near the Rawalpindi Ring Road, Some of them are:

Capital Smart City

Nova City

Blue World City

Lahore Smart City


These two mighty routes will intersect each other near Islamabad International Airport and create a new civilization near the Airport. This intersection will be a new beginning for many new cities and innovate the way of living for the people of Pakistan, and the government of Pakistan also planed an educational district and a medical city near this intersection.


If we conclude our debate we can come to the point that these gigantic routes are going to change the infrastructure of Pakistan and bring a revolution to the country. These projects are going to make Pakistan the strongest country in Asia.

Pakistan is going to be a trade route for many countries like China, Japan, and Russia which will eventually empower the economy and the nation will have fruitful effects.

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