ICCI delegation meets with the CDA in Islamabad to discuss market development

ISLAMABAD: ICCI delegation meets with the CDA in Islamabad to discuss market development

Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, the president of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), and his delegation met with Finance Syed Mazhar Hussain Shah, a CDA member, to discuss the need for market development projects.

Leaks and offensive smells are a result of the market’s out-of-date sewage infrastructure. It is no longer sufficient for the current population.

Bakhtawari advised that the CDA install fresh sewer lines in some locations while progressively replacing the outdated system in other markets. The construction of parking lots, the repair of pathways, and the restoration of street lighting are further necessary development projects.

Additionally, Bakhtawari suggested assembling teams of CDA department directors to go to markets once a week. They discuss problems with ICCI as well as market members.

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In addition, he advised temporarily moving vehicle dealerships to help with parking until a long-term solution may be discovered.

After Eid, CDA Member Finance Shah told the delegation that the heads of all departments would make weekly trips to the markets to spot and address problems. He stated CDA’s commitment to resolving their issues and appreciated the business community’s contribution to the growth of the economy.

Faad Waheed, senior vice president of ICCI, emphasized the importance of ICCI and market associations participating in market development activities.

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