Gulshan e Maymar Karachi

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is a lavish housing scheme which is developed by renowned real estate developers called Maymar Housing Service Private Limited. With its prime location on motorway M-10, it is taking over the real estate market due to its unique standards.  It is also the oldest private housing society in Karachi which started developing in 1980.  The society is offering international quality infrastructure with unique features which attract investors and potential residents. The society is truly a masterpiece in the heart of the city and is offering a living experience that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi Owners & Developers

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is a luxurious housing venture developed by Maymar Housing Service Private Limited which is a well-known group. The company is standing out in providing multiple services including real estate consulting, architecture, and engineering since 1966. The company has delivered various successful projects which makes it well-recognized in the real estate sector.

Mr. Hafiz Sadiq Hussain and Late Mr. Syed Mazhar Ali founded the company, and the company is continuously growing since then. It is offering valuable services in the development and construction of numerous big projects throughout the country.

A few years after its launch the company decided to shift its focus to real estate development. It started by inaugurating residential housing schemes where people can experience a better living with modern features. Afterward, in July 1973, Maymar Housing Private Limited started to lead in the sector and became one of the top construction companies of its time.

Also, Maymar Housing Private Limited has delivered a number of successful projects which include, Maymar Heights, Maymar Plaza, Maymar Complex, Maymar Apartments, Maymar Bungalows, Maymar Court, Maymar Garden, Maymar Square, Maymar View, Maymar Terrace, Maymar Arcade, Maymar Ahsan Apartments, Maymar Drive, Maymar Avenue, and Maymar Lake View.

There are many famous projects which are in progress by the company which includes, including City Tower, LDA City, Maymar Ride, and Royal Residencia.

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi NOC

The NOC of Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is soon going to be approved by the concerned development authority.  The society has submitted its relevant documentation to the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and most of the legal process is almost done.  In addition, relevant credentials have got approval by the respective departments. In addition, the society has a good reputation among investors as well-known developers are in charge of developing it.

Gulshan e Maymar Location

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi has an ideal location. It is situated at Karachi Northern Bypass on motorway M-10. Following is the Gulshan e Maymar map:

Gulshan e Maymar Location
Gulshan e Maymar Location


Gulshan e Maymar has easy access to the following main points of the city:

  • It is just adjacent to M-10, Karachi Northern Bypass.
  • It is right next to Maymar Avenue.
  • It is just a 4-minute drive to Hub Dam Road.
  • It is just a 4-minute drive to Karachi Motorway.
  • It is just next to the Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Road.

Nearby Places

The housing society has easy access to Surjani Town, Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course, Abdullah Gabol Goth, Ahsanabad, Gulzar e Hijri Scheme 33, New Karachi Town, and Gulshan e Usman as well as Taiser Town.

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Gulshan e Maymar Master Plan

It divides into ten sectors which are as follows:

  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector Q
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector R
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector S
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector T
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector U
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector V
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector W
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector X
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector Y
  • Gulshan e Maymar Sector Z

Gulshan e Maymar Payment Plan


Plots for Sale in Gulshan e Maymar

Gulshan e Maymar offers residential plots in the following sizes:

  • 120 sq. yards
  • 200 sq. yards
  • 240 sq. yards
  • 600 sq. yards

The prices of plots are very reasonable in Gulshan e Maymar. In addition, the booking procedure is very easy. 120 yards houses for sale in Gulshan e Maymar are available at reasonable prices.

A 120 sq. yards plot is offered for PKR 63 Lacs,  while a 200 sq. yards plot is offered for 88 Lacs. Moreover, a 240 sq. yards plot will cost you PKR 1.13 Crores and a 400 sq. yards plot will cost you about PKR 1.6 Crores. Furthermore, you can purchase a 600 sq. yards plot for approximately PKR 2.54 Crores.

Facilities & Amenities

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is providing its residents the luxurious facilities and amenities at reasonable prices.

Parks and Green Spaces

The developers have their main focus to provide a healthy living for the residents. For this purpose, they have spared a huge land area for green spaces and theme parks where kids and even elders can have their best time and relax their minds.


The society is providing a close-to-nature lifestyle for the residents. Hence, a special focus is paid to maintaining the society green and clean. In addition, all the construction in the society is based on sustainability principles.

Grand Mosque

The society is fulfilling all the needs of its residents, including religious needs. Hence, they provide an amazing Grand Jamia Masjid. The mosque will have modern architecture.

Water Resources

The society is providing its own water resources for the ease of its residents. They have water reservoirs for water storage. In addition, there are water filter plants to provide clean drinking water.


The graveyard is a basic necessity of any society. Hence, the society is providing the facility of graveyards.

Community Centre

The society also has community centers for the provision of social activities to the residents.

Health Facilities

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi has state-of-the-art health facilities including hospitals and clinics where an emergency will be open 24/7. Moreover, the doctors and other staff are qualified and professional.

Education Complex

To provide the residents with international-level education, there are also many educational institutes having professional and trained teachers.

Secure Community

The society is providing a secure environment for the residents of the housing society. For this purpose, there is a gated community and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about the society:

What is Gulshan e Maymar Karachi, and how is it differs from other societies?

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is the oldest housing society in Karachi. It offers a unique living experience for its residents at reasonable prices. In addition, a team of professional architects, town planners, engineers, and other staff are in charge of developing it.

Is Gulshan e Maymar a legal housing society?

Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is soon going to get its No Objection Certificate from the Sindh Building Control Authority.

 Is it an affordable housing society?

Yes, Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is an affordable housing society that offers a flexible payment plan. However, developers have tried their best to balance luxury and affordability.

Does this society have the potential to yield a high return on investment?

Yes, the society has the potential of yielding a high return on investment as the installment schedules are offered for families and small investors. Hence, there are more chances of high investment returns.

Where is Gulshan e Maymar in Karachi located?

It is located at Karachi Northern Bypass M-10.

Who are the developers of Gulshan e Maymar Karachi?

Maymar Housing Service Private Limited is in charge of developing Gulshan e Maymar Karachi.


Gulshan e Maymar Karachi is a unique housing society that aims to provide modern-day luxurious facilities to its residents. Furthermore, with its prime location, lavish amenities, and affordability it is the best society to reside in.

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