Gulberg Elevated Motorway land acquisition has resumed


The Punjab government has recently made the decision to restart the land acquisition process for the highly anticipated Gulberg-Babu Sabu elevated motorway project in Lahore. This crucial urban infrastructure initiative has faced delays since 2017. It has now been given the green light for accelerated completion. As per recent reports, the project’s cost has significantly surged from Rs. 18 billion to Rs. 85 billion.

Resumption of Land Acquisition for Gulberg Elevated Motorway

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been instructed to expedite the completion of the land acquisition process for the Lahore elevated motorway project. After temporarily halting in 2017, the acquisition procedure resumed in 2016. Moreover, the authorities announced the final award under the land acquisition laws in the same year. However, further review and assessment of the Gulberg-Babu Sabu Motorway project took place in early 2022.

Commissioner’s Meeting to Expedite the Process

To address the challenges faced by the project, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Lahore Commissioner and LDA Director General, organized a meeting to discuss and resolve the issue. During the meeting, he emphasized the need for an efficient and streamlined process at the LDA. He specifically highlighted the importance of establishing a one-window counter to facilitate citizens in receiving fair compensation for the land they will be relinquishing to the government. This approach aims to simplify the procedure and ensure that affected individuals are supported throughout the land acquisition process.

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Gulberg Elevated Motorway Transformative Potential for Lahore

The Gulberg-Babu Sabu elevated motorway project is anticipated to bring significant development and transformation to the city of Lahore. Once completed, this modern infrastructure will enhance

  • connectivity,
  • reduce travel time, and
  • alleviate traffic congestion,

Thereby improving the overall quality of life for the residents of Lahore. The project’s substantial cost increase indicates the scale of the undertaking and underscores the commitment of the government to create a state-of-the-art transportation system for the city.

Gulberg Elevated Motorway Impact on Economy and Job Creation

Furthermore, beyond its direct benefits to transportation, the Gulberg-Babu Sabu motorway project is expected to generate a positive economic impact for Lahore and its surrounding areas. The construction phase will create numerous job opportunities, stimulating employment and economic growth. Additionally, the completed motorway will enhance accessibility to commercial and industrial zones, attracting new investments and fostering economic development along its route.

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Punjab government restarts land acquisition for Gulberg-Babu Sabu motorway, boosting Lahore’s urban infrastructure. Muhammad Ali Randhawa leads efforts to expedite procedure and ensure fair compensation for citizens. Project’s progress expected to enhance transportation and impact economy, jobs, and residents’ prosperity.

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