Fleet Management System in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has introduced the Fleet Management System. This Smart Feature is a vital tool to ensure cost-efficient and productive operations regarding traffic handling. It allows the residents of Capital Smart City to get a Real-Time tracking of their vehicles. Certainly, it will help in minimizing car-theft incidents along with excellent tracking as well.

Furthermore, you can set customized Fleet Alarms. It will warn the driver regarding a range of difficult situations including over-speeding, temperature variance, maintenance issues, and many others. Fleet Management System offers Fuel management as well. You can monitor fuel levels 24/7 and see how often vehicles are being refueled and drained.

In addition, it will also guide you regarding the most optimized route. It will especially monitor the execution of routes and anticipate future events, supporting your fleet management decisions, minimizing fuel consumption, and increasing productivity. Be ready to enjoy faster arrival times and better customer experience with this smart fleet management in Capital Smart City



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