FGEHA Will Take Action and Address Issues Related to Delayed Allotments

According to a report from the National Assembly Standing Committee FGEHA Will Take Action and Address Issues Related to Delayed Allotments on Housing and Works. The submissions of request to  Director General (DG) of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority takes place related to  starting   certain measures for to  resolve the problem with the allotment of plots, flats, and apartments.

The FGEHA director also gave the committee an update on the status of the various projects.

Ensuring Timely Allocation of Properties with Solutions for Project Issues Discussed

Furthermore, the meeting agenda also includes a discussion regarding the provision of plots, flats, and apartments to the allottees on schedule. Moreover, during the meeting, there was a discussion about the various initiatives in order to take immediate steps to overcome the problems in current projects.

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Latest updates on house allotments in Sectors G-9 and G-10 of Islamabad

Moreover, there was provision of  general waiting list  on distributions of all houses in Sectors G-9 and G-10 of Islamabad were provided to conference attendees. The provision of organized information also takes place.

CDA Personnel Ineligible for Accommodations

Moreover, the Estate Office representative, whose identity was hidden, said that since the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has its housing pool for employees. So, the  CDA personnel are not cannot get for the accommodations.

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