FBR projects 9% Tax-to-GDP Ratio for FY 2024-25

Pakistan, July 9, 2024: Federal Board Revenue (FBR )has projected a 9% tax-to-GDP ratio for the fiscal year 2024-25, marking a significant development for the country’s economic landscape. The FBR’s projection is a crucial step ahead to stabilize the economy and ensure sustainable growth.

Achieving this target will ensure a notable improvement from previous years, maximizing tax collection and a more efficient compliance framework. Moreover, achieving this target will also aid in reducing fiscal deceit and ensuring fiscal discipline.

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The additional revenue generated will be utilized in social welfare programs and other critical development projects. As the country navigates its economic challenges, FBR projection of a 9% tax-to-GDP ratio for FY 2024-25 will be a promising step towards economic resilience and fiscal sustainability.

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