DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta is another milestone housing project by DHA in the real estate industry of Pakistan. This is also well-planned state-of-the-art development project laced with all world-class facilities. Moreover, it is a masterpiece developing near Quetta International Airport. DHA Quetta assures you to provide lavish amenities and also a modern living style to secure the future of its residents.

Owners & Developers

The DHA Quetta housing society is developing at a very fast-paced. Also, it is a lavish society offering by Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and they also worked with the best contractors to provide top-notch infrastructural quality. Further, this project is the outcome of the ‘Khushal Balochistan Vision’ which is taking heuristic steps for the worthwhile development of the city. Moreover, the developers strive to offer high quality, budget-friendly, and also secure living environment within Quetta to every citizen of Pakistan as well as for Overseas Pakistani.

NOC of DHA Quetta

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of this project is already approved and making it a legal housing society. Supreme Court of Pakistan allows the DHA Quetta to develop the society by following the provision of the Defense Housing Authority Quetta Act, 2015.

Project Details

The well skilled developers and also the experienced architects design the master plan of DHA Quetta. Moreover, all the luxuries are the part of plan making it efficient, sustainable housing society with affordable prices.

DHA Quetta spans over 10,000 acres of land and is divided into residential, commercial as well as farmhouses land. Moreover, there are different categories of commercial and residential plots depending on their location within the housing society.

Plot for Sale

In DHA Quetta, residential plots, commercial plots, and also land for farmhouses are offered at affordable rates. Moreover, the project is laced with all world-class amenities, which help to upgrade your lifestyle. The residential plot in DHA Quetta is available in 5, 8, 10, 16 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal sizes. In addition, this society offers offers commercial plots of different sizes such as 4, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots.

The farmhouses are also available in 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes. Further, DHA Quetta Plot files for sale are of two types one is an Open Affidavit file and the other is a DHA Quetta allocation file.

Latest Payment Plan

The DHA Quetta Latest payment plan is very affordable. Moreover, DHA Quetta Plot for sale is open for booking at feasible installments. According to the latest tax procedure, all the Federal & provincial taxes will be applied. Furthermore, DHA Quetta 1 Kanal plot price is very popular among investors.

Latest News 2022

Further, as the project is moving towards the completion stages so the value of DHA Quetta plot files for sale is also increasing fast. Not only did the DHA Quetta plot rate but the file rates also increase. Moreover, it is the best opportunity to invest in this housing project to gain maximum profit value. For more updates, about DHA Quetta Latest News keep visiting us.

Map and Location

The DHA Quetta map gives a quick view to easily access that location. The project is located near Kuchlak. Moreover, it is only 17 minutes away from Quetta International Airport. Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) is also within 16 minutes. DHA Quetta’s location is also considered a huge selling point as it can be easily accessible from several locations in the city.

DHA Quetta Instalment Plan

The very feasible DHA Quetta Instalment plan is available for the people of every niche. We bring a DHA Quetta Latest prices for you. Moreover, the DHA authorities separate the installment plan for fillers and non-fillers. The filler has to pay 1% tax and a 2% tax will also be applicable on non-fillers. We are sharing the detailed DHA Quetta Instalment Plan below.

Plots on Instalment Plan

Residential Plots
  • 5 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 1,782,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.4, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 178,200

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 89,100

  • 8 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 2,718,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.6, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 271,800

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 135,900

  • 10 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 3,285,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.8, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 328,500

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 164,250

  • 16 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 4,896,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.10, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 489,600

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 244,800

  • 1 Kanal Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 5,760,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.12, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 576,200

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 288,000

  • 2 Kanal Plots

Total Plot price: PKR 1,116,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.15, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 1,160,000

16 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 588,000

Installment Plan for Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 11,430,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.15, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 1,143,000

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 762,000

  • 8 Marla Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 22,050,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.20, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 2,205,000

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 1,470,000

  • 1 Kanal Plot

Total Plot price: PKR 52,875,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.25, 000

1st Down Payment (10%): PKR 5,287,500

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 3,525,000

Farmhouses Instalment Plan

  • 4 Kanal Land

Total Plot price: PKR 17,000,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.30, 000

1st Down Payment (20%): PKR 3,400,000

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 637,000

  • 5 Kanal Land

Total Plot price: PKR 17,125,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.40, 000

1st Down Payment (20%): PKR 3,825,000

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 717,188

  • 8 Kanal Land

Total Plot price: PKR 29,400,000

Ballot Fee: Rs.50, 000

1st Down Payment (20%): PKR 5,880,000

12 Quarterly Instalments: PKR 1,102,500

For Booking Information, you can call or WhatsApp at DHA Quetta Contact Number.

DHA Quetta Early Bird

Additionally, Early bird is an exclusive scheme that offers discounts to the first 1200 customers of DHA Quetta’s Phase I, sector A, which is adjacent to the entrance of the main gate. DHA Quetta Early bird prices are a very affordable and also a great chance for investors. Moreover, this discount scheme is offering very first time in the history of DHA. Anyone can also get benefit from this scheme.

Facilities & Amenities

The developers dedicate a large area for the development of green areas such as parks, trees, etc. The main focus of developers is to provide a healthy as well as peaceful environment. Furthermore, the facilities offered to DHA Quetta residents are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Grand Mosque
  • Health Facilities
  • Community center
  • Educational Complex
  • High-quality roads
  • Water Supply
  • 24/7 Security
  • Sewerage and water disposal system
  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity & gas
  • Underground Electrification
  • Boundary Wall
  • Modern Spa
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Boundary wall
  • Gated Community
  • Efficient Transmission Media
  • Smart Electric Meters
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity

Reasons to Invest in DHA Quetta

Additionally, there are several reasons to invest in DHA Quetta.

  • DHA Quetta is also bringing exciting features at affordable rates.
  • Additionally, the project development is also running at a fast pace.
  • Its first kind of smart city housing project in Quetta and other development agencies will also follow this trend bringing Quetta to a sustainable future.
  • Moreover, it’s an ideal location since it is located on RCD Highway Quetta which is near all major places in the city.
  • Furthermore, the ideal location combines all the modern amenities including Grand Entrance for housing society is a complete package for the Quetta residents.


DHA Quetta is an amazing and first-of-its-kind smart city and the Quetta real estate market will follow this trend in the future. Moreover, this will bring a positive change in the market and also upgrade the living standard of people in Quetta. This society offers all the basic and also modern amenities to its residents at affordable rates.

The society also offers great business options such as offices, Food courts, banquet halls, and departmental stores.  We assure you that this blog is very informative. Furthermore, it’s a great time to invest in this opportunity because the price increases with time. It’s an affordable option given its premium features and also easy installment plan. However the file prices are very affordable, and this means that potential growth in this sector of DHA is substantial. Also, it is an iconic project in the real estate history of Pakistan.

So, RBS Land highly suggests that this is a rare opportunity to invest. If you want to know more about such projects, you can also read about Gulberg green islamabad.

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