Development of the Year 2023: Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a new neighborhood being built by two companies, Habib Rafiq Private Limited and Future Development Holdings Ltd. It’s right by a major highway, about 10 kilometers from a place called Thalian Interchange. This blog shows the latest updates on how things are going at Capital Smart City, with pictures of what’s happening there.

They’re working really fast to develop Capital Smart City. People who know about real estate in Islamabad think this project is going faster than others. Investors and people who want to live there seem happy with how things are going because the work is really good.

This blog post won’t cover everything happening at Capital Smart City, but it will give a quick look to people who can’t visit in person.

Latest Development Updates of the Year 2023 – Capital Smart City

In 2023, one big thing happening at Capital Smart City is how much machinery and workers they have. Habib Rafiq, one of the biggest real estate developers in Pakistan, is using more than 175 machines to finish this big project.

The work got even faster after they officially started the project in October 2019.

People who know about real estate in Islamabad think Habib Rafiq is doing a great job with this project. They’re confident and happy, which is making the prices go up and more people want to buy or live in Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City: Overseas Balloting Ceremony

In 2023, Capital Smart City shared exciting updates during the Overseas Central balloting ceremony:

  • They’re planning to set up 14 smart hospitals focused on advanced treatments like telemedicine, digital healthcare, and AI-driven preventive care, all at affordable rates.
  • The STEM school system will prioritize educational technology with reasonable fees. About 143 schools and colleges are in the pipeline for Capital Smart City, with one school already functional at the society’s entrance.
  • A Smart STEM school is getting ready and will start operating within two months. It’ll have smart boards in classrooms and nine labs to encourage research and skill development among kids.
  • Smart STEM Boys and Girls Colleges are currently being built.
  • A NUML campus covering 200 kanals will also be established in the education district.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in developed sectors following the installation of fiber.
  • They’re introducing IoT technology for surveillance, smart traffic systems, and smart street lights. Some of these IoT-based smart streetlights are already in operation.
  • All these services will be managed through five Command and control centers.
  • Bulgari Hotel from Dubai is signing an agreement on April 2nd to build a grand hotel in CSC.
  • Developers from France’s Sujiya are visiting next month to assess construction needs.

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The blog divides Capital Smart City’s development updates into different sections:

Overseas Block

Overseas East (Phase-1 of the Overseas Block) is the first to offer possession in sectors A to K. Development is moving swiftly here, with road construction and leveling mostly complete while plotting and earthwork continue in Overseas East (Overseas-1) and Overseas Central (Overseas-2).

Harmony Residential

This residential project in Overseas Block D is progressing rapidly.

Smart Villas

Construction of smart villas in Overseas, Executive, and OS Prime blocks is well underway.

Overseas Prime

They’re working hard on the development of Overseas Prime. Earthwork and road construction are progressing quickly.

Executive Block

Land clearance and leveling are underway at the Executive block. Sewerage pipes are being installed, and construction of Smart Villas has started.

Possession for Executive block phase-1 is expected after Overseas-1, so they’re focusing on fast development here too.

Harmony Park Block

They’re speeding up earthwork for the Harmony Park block.

Harmony Park Overseas East-Development has begun in Capital Smart City Harmony Park Overseas East block, especially with earthwork in progress. Villa Apartments in Harmony Park Overseas East are also coming along quickly.

Lake View Terrace

Smart Villas are under construction in both Executive and Overseas blocks. More details on Smart Villas can be found through the provided link.

Capital Hills

Work has started on Capital Hills, including the golf course and surrounding villas and apartments. They’re currently working on earthwork and cutting.

Lake View Heights

Construction of Lake View Heights is moving fast to ensure the timely availability of luxury apartments in Overseas Block C. However, these apartments aim to offer an international lifestyle experience for overseas Pakistanis.

Roads – Earthwork

Road development is ongoing in Capital Smart City.

Access Roads- They’re swiftly clearing and constructing access roads for smooth and direct entry to the site. The fountain at Access 3 Gate has already been initiated.

La Mer Road-Earthwork is in progress, with some sections completed, curb stones installed, and plantation underway.

Ring Road-Earthwork for the Ring Road has begun and is advancing.


Two access bridges have been completed and inaugurated, while others are under rapid construction.

The connecting bridge at Sill River was completed and inaugurated quickly despite COVID-19 slowdowns. The 450-foot-long bridge on the Access-2 road was also inaugurated in August 2020. The second bridge in the Overseas block was completed and inaugurated in November 2020.

Smart City Dedicated Interchange

The dedicated interchange on the M2 Motorway now has temporary access. Construction is ongoing for the smart city interchange. The groundbreaking was in August 2022.

In addition, streetlights have installed from the M2 interchange to the Executive block.

Public Amenities

They’re working on providing smart amenities before the society fully populated. Moreover, horticulture work is concurrent with road construction, creating green belts and parks to bring life to the project.

Linear Parks

Beautifully designed Linear Parks are taking shape, with horticulture almost done and complementary installations nearing completion.

Clean Water Access

Filtration plants are being installed for clean water, along with constructing water tanks for uninterrupted supply.

Sui Gas Supply

Approval for Sui Gas Supply has been received from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), and pipelines will be laid soon.


WAPDA has fully connected the residential society, with transformers installed and electricity available in developed blocks.

Health Facilities

A Health District is designated for top-notch medical facilities, including a Medical Clinic whose excavation is completed.

Land Allotment for Hospital & University

The land has been handed over to Harley Brain & Spine Specialist Hospital & the National University of Technology (NUTECH), with development starting soon.

Pink Ribbon Hospitals

An agreement with Pink Ribbon in place for two specialized hospitals – one in Capital Smart City and the other and other development is in Lahore Smart City.

Golf Course & Golf Community

Work on the golf course and community is progressing, with the Banquet inaugurated in the Golf Club Area.

Education Facilities

The Education District includes high-standard educational institutes. Further, the Smart School campus in the Overseas block completed, and the Alight School in the Admin block finished.

NUML University

The land has been allotted for NUML University, with an agreement signed between Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd and NUML.


The Jamia Mosque in Overseas Block C fully constructed, and another mosque in Executive Block B is nearing completion.

Site Offices

Capital Smart City development is rapid for Display Offices, Sales gallery, and CEO Office.

Public Transport

Two hybrid double-decker buses launched for free site visits, eventually part of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system.

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What’s New at Capital Smart City?

They’re planning the Third Ballot for Overseas Prime, Harmony Park, and Harmony Park Overseas in May 2022. The Second Ballot for Overseas Central successfully executed in March 2022.

Possession & Construction in Capital Smart City

They’ve announced possession dates for Overseas Block 1 and some sectors of Executive Block 1, a significant milestone in the Capital Smart City project’s development. However, details are available in the possession schedule.


The development pace at Capital Smart City, led by Habib Rafiq and Future Development Holdings Ltd., has been remarkable, showcasing a flurry of progress and innovation. With a focus on infrastructure and advanced amenities like smart healthcare, education, IoT technology, and luxury accommodations, the project aims to redefine urban living. Moreover, the blog’s comprehensive update underscores the tremendous strides made in construction, roadworks, public facilities, and upcoming initiatives, reflecting an exciting vision for this burgeoning neighborhood.

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