CDWP Confirms 155.74 Billion Worth Projects

CDWP Confirms 155.74 Billion Worth Projects

Islamabad, 26/May/2021: The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) Confirms 155.74 Billion Worth Projects. These projects include the establishment of three dams in remote areas of Baluchistan. These dams will be costing Rupees 40 Billion.

The authorities will also construct Gilgit Shandor Road road with Rupees 49946 Million.

CDWP Approves three more projects named “Feasibility study and transaction advisory services for Peshawar Greater Railways” Worth Rs.64.934 Million, Building and maintaining Chitral Ayyub Bumborate road worth Rs. 7022.580 Million and Improvement of “Awaraan Jhaljao Road costing Rs.7412.722 million.

There are many other projects to undergo as well such as Transport, Education, Communications, Energy, Environment, Health, Governance, Information technology, Water, and Physical planning.

House Planning related projects are also on the list.

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