CDA started a tree-planting campaign to enhance green cover in Islamabad

To enhance the city’s green cover, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad, Pakistan, has started a tree plantation drive. Further, the drive began as a result of the CDA recovering land that land speculators had illegally seized in several areas of the city, including the Kuri Area, F-7, F-10, F-11, E-12 sectors, C-12 sectors, Sarai Kharboza along the Grand Trunk Road, and the Margalla Hills National Park. Moreover, the initiative concerning ‘CDA started a tree-planting campaign to enhance green cover in Islamabad’ is much appreciated.

CDA’s unwavering commitment to stopping re-encroachment and expanding green spaces

Furthermore, the CDA Chairman, Mr. Noor ul Amin Mangal, declared that the authority will undertake a broad campaign to stop re-encroachment on recovered land and further extend the green spaces around Islamabad to make them more attractive and people-friendly and to improve the green areas around the capital city.

Partnering with the community to preserve Islamabad’s green legacy: CDA’s efforts to engage residents and educational institutions

Moreover, to preserve the natural beauty of the capital city, which was based on the idea of a “green city,” CDA is also interacting with residents, especially educational institutions.

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Growing a greener future for Islamabad: CDA’s systematic tree-planting program to reclaim land and expand green spaces

Furthermore, through a systematic tree-planting program, CDA seeks to stop further encroachment on the reclaimed land. Moreover, they are also intended to enhance the amount of green space around the city.

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