CDA reduces deadline for ISB expressway project

Islamabad, July 8, 2024: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has reduced the deadline for the Islamabad expressway project. The aim is to accelerate the completion of this crucial infrastructure upgrade. the expedited development efforts are made to minimize the inconvenience caused to residents due to traffic congestion.

Islamabad Expressway is a vital artery connecting all the major networks and expansion will result in smooth traffic flow, enhanced connectivity and reduced travel time. Advanced machinery and an extra labour force will be deployed to complete the project swiftly.

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The CDA authorities urge residents to stay patient during the construction period while staying informed about the progression. Moreover, the authority is dedicated to causing minimal inconvenience and ensuring a seamless transition once the expressway is operational.

The project once completed will be a significant step toward sustainable modern infrastructure and urban development. Stay tuned with RBS for the latest updates on this project and many others.

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