CDA is considering starting a light rail line in Islamabad

Authority (CDA) is establishing a Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Islamabad to meet the city’s expanding transportation needs.

Seeking Funding and Feasibility Assessment

In order to secure funding, the CDA’s Planning Wing has engaged in discussions with the Economic Affairs Division. They are seeking assistance from international donors like the Asian Development Bank and JICA. Senior officials acknowledge the need for a feasibility assessment and emphasize the importance of hiring a consultant. This is crucial for the successful implementation of the LRT system.

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Identified LRT Routes by CDA

Additionally, the preliminary plans have identified 4 potential LRT system lines. These routes consist of:

  • A 13.7-kilometre route from N5 (G.T. Road) to Pakistan Monument via Srinagar Highway
  • A 10.4-kilometre route from Pirwadhai to Faizabad via the IJP road
  • A 13.7-kilometre route from N5 (G.T. Road) to Pakistan Monument via Srinagar Highway
  • A 27.5-kilometre route from Rawat (T-Chowk) to 26 No Stop on G.T. Road
  • A 30.5-kilometre stretch from Rawat to Faisal Mosque along Islamabad Expressway and Faisal Avenue

CDA Addressing Traffic Congestion and Benefits

The introduction of the LRT system is expected to bring about numerous benefits for the city. Not only will it alleviate traffic congestion, but it will also provide a more cost-effective and time-saving mode of transportation for residents and visitors. The LRT will offer a reliable and efficient means of commuting, reducing the reliance on private vehicles and easing the burden on existing road networks.

Furthermore, the implementation of the LRT system aligns with the CDA’s broader vision for sustainable urban development. By promoting eco-friendly transportation options, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner and greener Islamabad. This initiative showcases the city’s commitment to embracing modern infrastructure while prioritizing environmental conservation.

As the CDA continues to work diligently towards securing the necessary funds and finalizing the feasibility assessment, the people of Islamabad eagerly anticipate the day when the LRT system will become a reality. The project signifies a significant step forward in enhancing the quality of life for residents, fostering economic growth, and positioning Islamabad as a model city with a modern and efficient public transportation system.

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