CDA Has Issued Notices To Illegal Buildings On Park Road Islamabad

NEWS: CDA Has Issued Notices To Illegal Buildings On Park Road Islamabad

The owners of the illegal buildings on Park Road Islamabad have reportedly received issued notices from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The owners of these properties have until January 30, 2023, to legitimize the constructions or face severe penalties, according to notices issued by the CDA.

On Monday, January 30, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) notified the owners of 39 buildings on Park Road in Islamabad. If they don’t make the structures legal within two weeks the owners will punish. Additionally, the owners will be responsible for any damages that may arise throughout the case.

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Moreover, in the case of failure, the CDA reserves the right to close off, occupy, or demolish these buildings. Legal action will be taken against their owners. It is also important to note that many residential, commercial, and public buildings, such as apartment buildings, commercial plazas, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals, receive legal notices.

The CDA’s anti-encroachment campaign instructed several government agencies to destroy or occupy the encroaching properties in the federal capital. Which led to these legal notifications. CDA also public encroachment operations report in Islamabad in 2022. The result indicates that the federal capital hosted more than 1100 operations. The CDA’s anti-encroachment effort led to the recovery of several federally owned assets.

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