CDA has approved a number of development projects in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: CDA has approved a number of development projects in Islamabad.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) gave approval to several new development projects worth billions of rupees to enhance the standard of living for Islamabad’s urban and rural residents.

Details indicate that 10.5 billion rupees PC discuss at the Development Working Party (DWP) gathering. One scheme approves by broadening the scope of development initiatives and works in rural regions. The initiative will focus on building roads and highways as well as fixing the rural water supply and sewage systems. Furthermore, the endeavor expects to finish in two years.

You can invest in Capital Smart City which is also a legal society approved by CDA.

Additionally, CDA also authorizes the Chatta Bakhtawar Housing Scheme, which will cost Rs 2,120 million. The building of a double flyover connecting the Islamabad Highway and N-5 Gujjar Khan side at Rawat T Chowk has also received approval, costing an additional Rs 1,424 million. Within nine months of this year, the building of this flyover expecting to complete.

CDA gave approval to a revised PC-I for the Islamabad Bus Service project, with a minimum cost of Rs 9,614 million. Additionally, a project costing Rs 2573 million receives approval to buy the Sanitation Directorate new equipment. A connection road through Margalla Underpass connecting Garden Avenue and Murree Road receive approval for Rs 142 million.

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To expand a project, CDA has also approved the building of an underpass under PC One. That starts from Srinagar Highway 7th Avenue to Serena Chowk for Rs 4,109 million.

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