Capital Smart City Launched Online Booking Tracking Portal

Good News: Capital Smart City launched online Booking Tracking Portal

Capital Smart City Islamabad has recently launched an online Booking Tracking Portal. It has a strong commitment to delivering an innovative experience of living. Firstly, Capital Smart City management strives to provide maximum ease to its clients. For that purpose, it has introduced the Online Portal to track your booking status.

First of all, we will elaborate on the booking process. Without further ado, let’s have an insight about this booking procedure.

Capital Smart City Booking Procedure

Once you have submitted the duly-filled booking form along with essential documents at the RBS Head office or Branch office, the booking procedure starts with it. The following are the main steps involved in the booking procedure:

  • Step 1: Initialize Booking from Department of Sales & Marketing
  • Step 2: Assign Member Ship Number from Transfer & Record Department
  • Step 3: Finance Verification from the Finance Department
  • Step 4: Approval from Transfer 7 Record Department
  • Step 5: MS Letter Distribution from the Sales & Marketing Department
  • Step 6: Tagging/Filing from Transfer & Record Department

How to check your booking status through Tracking Portal

In the following step, we will explain how you can track your booking status through this innovative portal.

  1. Visit Tracking Portal
  2. Choose one of the following options
  • Tracking Code
  • Form Number
  • E-From Number
  1. Enter the figure (respective of above-mentioned options)
  2. Click the “search” Button