Capital Smart City Discount Policy has been extended till 30 September 2023

Capital Smart City discount policy has been extended by the management which is applicable from August 31 till September 16, 2023. FDHL and HRL consistently introduce excellent policies to provide clients with various benefits, such as discounts.

Discount Applicable Date

According to the latest update, Capital Smart City (CSC) has announced a new discount policy for its valued residents and investors. This discount policy is applicable from 31st August to 16th September 2023.

The CSC initiative by the developers is in fact highly beneficial for the members in the current situation of high prices. It is important to remember that payments paid through property mergers are not subject to the discount policy.

New Discount Policy

Due to the current economic crisis, the management of CSC has decided to announce the following discount policy:

  • 3% discount on each due or outstanding installment amount of both residential and commercial.
  • 6% discount on each advance installment amount of both residential and commercial plots. This discount can be avail by the members on maximum upto 3 months.
  • 7% discount on new plots on 50% down payment and 12% discount on booking of new plots on 100% payment.

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Discount on Outstanding Installment

There is a 3% discount on every outstanding and due installment of commercial and residential plots. This discount policy of CSC motivates the customers for the outstanding installments plot categories to make a quick payment to enjoy a discount.

Discount on Advanced Installment

The Capital Smart City management offers a discount for pre-installment payments. When you pay every advanced installment amount, you will get a discount of up to 6%. Therefore, you can pay installments in advance to avail a chance of a discounted amount.

Discount Limit for Installments

The members are eligible for a 6% discount on up to three installments. Furthermore, even with just 3 installments, it can help to generate considerable savings. The limitations on installments are a technique to keep things stable financially.

Discount on New Plot Booking

The Capital Smart City discount policy is also valid for booking new plots in society. The total discount on the new plot down payment is divided into two categories. The management offers a 7% discount on a 50% down payment of new plot booking in Capital Smart City.

You also have a great chance to get a 12% discount on a new plot booking by clearing 100% payment before 16 September 2023.

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Capital Smart City discount policy is a great initiative by the renowned management to offer the maximum concession to the customers. This extension gives people a bigger opportunity to take advantage of the discounted offers and make informed decisions.

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