Capital smart city discount offer policy Complete Details

Capital Smart City discount policy has been extended by the management which is applicable from 1st November till 30th November, 2023. FDHL and HRL consistently implement commendable policies aimed at offering clients a range of advantages, including discounted offerings.

Discount Applicable Date

According to the latest update, Capital Smart City  has announced a new discount policy for its valued residents and investors. This discount policy applies from 1st November to 30th November 2023.

In addition, the CSC initiative by the developers is highly beneficial for the members in the current situation of high prices. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that payments made through property mergers do not qualify for the discount policy.

Discount Offer Policy

In light of the ongoing economic challenges, the leadership of CSC has opted to introduce the subsequent discount policy:

  • 2% Discount on due or outstanding installment amount of plots ( Residential & Commercial )
  • 4% Discount on advance installment amount of plots ( Residential & Commercial )
  • 7% Discount on booking of new plots on 50% Down Payment.
  • 12% Discount on booking of new plots on 100% payment.

Note: Members can avail discount on a maximum of up to 3 installments.

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