Capital Smart City applied for Direct Access from Motorway

Capital Smart City applied for Direct Access from Motorway

Capital Smart City have applied for exclusive and direct interchange from Motorway M2. In 2019, National Highway Authority (NHA) has decided to grant direct access from Motorway to several private entities including Housing Societies. On the other hand, strict criteria was announced to get the access.

Entities can have the access through Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) accompanied with final verdict of Federal Government Pakistan. Moreover, medical cities, commercial hubs, factory outlets, and theme parks can also have access at their own cost and following particular terms and conditions.

According to News Source,  only three residential schemes applied for the direct access so far. Capital Smart City proposed the exclusive interchange from main Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M-2). In the light of proposed policy, interchange will built according to design approved by NHA only. Moreover, the housing society formally has to request NOC as well.

Terms & Conditions

The salient terms and condition proposed with this policy are listed below

  • PKR 5 Million non-refundable processing fee must deposited in favor of NHA
  • NOC Fee depending upon the total land i.e. PKR. 60,000 per Kanal
  • Land for interchange will provided by applicant
  • Land for the interchange will transferred particularly to NHA
  • Interchange will owned and operated by NHA
  • Toll tax will collected solely by NHA
  • Formal approval also needed after the completion of 75% infrastructure

Furthermore, the applicant must have at least mentioned area in its own name.

Type of Entity Minimum Land Required
Housing Society 4000 Kanal/500 Acres
Medical City 2000 Kanal/250 Acres
Education City 2000 Kanal/250 Acres
Industrial or commercial hub 2800 Kanal/350 Acres
Factory Outlet 2800 Kanal/350 Acres
Theme Mark 1600 Kanals/200 Acres

Also, as mentioned , applicant have to pay the NOC Fee as well. The details are mentioned below

Type of Entity NOC Fee per Kanal (PKR)
Housing Society 60,000
Medical City 50,000
Education City 50,000
Industrial or commercial hub 60,000
Factory Outlet 60,000
Theme Mark 60,000

As far as Capital Smart City is concerned, it has more than 80,000 Kanal land. Also, processing fee (PKR. 5 Million) submitted by developer as well.

However, the critics said such direct access will only benefit certain group. As there is huge investment by property giants in housing societies along motorway. Meanwhile, other regarded it as a positive step to increase the connectivity.

Direct Access from MotorwayDirect Access from Motorway

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