Blue area Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital metropolitan city of Pakistan which has a well-designed infrastructure and also has a wide range of modern housing societies. Moreover, Islamabad is considered the safest city for investment and also provides a pleasant environment with its lush green belts. It’s the most noticeable commercial hub and also a business district in the heart of the Capital.

Furthermore, in 1965, initially, it was established as part of an expansion project and the area comprises on a diplomatic enclave, a commercial center, and government buildings. In addition, Blue area Islamabad has no residential areas, which makes it entirely a commercial and corporate hub. The region is referred to as the “Blue Area” since the city’s original plan featured a blue representation of it.

Location of Blue Area Islamabad

The Blue area Islamabad is located along Jinnah Avenue opposite to Sector G-7, G-6, and F-7, F-6. Moreover, if we drive on Jinnah Avenue towards sectors F-8 and F-9, we notice many uninhabited areas on both sides of the road. With many metro stations and Jinnah Avenue serving as the capital’s major highway, Blue Area is the ideal location for business activity. Furthermore, the Saudi Pak tower, the Islamabad Stock Exchange, and many more key institutions are examples of significant structures. In addition, major government buildings are located at one end of the area, and the Centaurus Mall is located at the other.

Location Map
Location Map

Furthermore, the existence of renowned companies, a variety of shops, top quality restaurants along with access to Islamabad’s transport infrastructure makes Blue area Islamabad the ideal investment opportunity.


  • However, driving time from Sector F-7 to Blue Area in Islamabad is 4 minutes
  • 5 minutes’ drive from sector F-6
  • Also, 6 minutes’ drive from sector G-6
  • 8 minutes away from Saidpur
  • Moreover, 9-minute drive to reach Faisal Mosque
  • 10 minutes’ drive from the G-8 sector
  • 11 minutes away from sector F-8 also
  • In addition, 14 minutes from sector F-10 and 15 minutes’ drive to Lake View Park

Blue area Islamabad Plots for sale

Blue area Islamabad is a commercial hub and also doesn’t support residential plots or Blue area Islamabad houses. Moreover, the area attracts the most visitors due to its well-designed infrastructure and easy accessibility to nearby localities. Furthermore, Blue area Islamabad features various shops from electronics to clothing stores. Several developments are made after the investment of foreign investors. Additionally, the prices are quite high.

Shops & Offices prices in Blue Area Islamabad

The 160 sq ft. plot size price starts from Rs 65Lakh. Moreover 200, sq ft. plot is offering at Rs 1.65 Crore while the 258 sq ft. plot price is Rs 1.1 Crore. Furthermore, the plots are also available for rent in the Blue area of Islamabad. The 250sq ft. plot rent price ranges from 70k to 75k. In addition, the 500sq ft. plot is renting on 40k to 45k and 600sq ft. plot prices range from 1Lakh to 1.50Lakh.

Buildings Rent Prices in Blue Area

Size Rent Price
1 Kanal Rs 10 Lakh – 15 Lakh
3 Kanal Rs 13 Lakh – 15 Lakh
5 Kanal Rs  90 Lakh – 94 Lakh
8 Kanal Rs 4.20 Crore – 4.38 Crore

Buildings Sale Prices in Blue Area

Size Rent Price
1 Kanal Rs 1.3 Billon – 3 Billion
3 Kanal Rs 8.4 Crore – 8.5 Crore
5 Kanal Rs 6.7 Crore – 6.9 Crore
8 Kanal Rs 14 Crore – 15 Crore


Blue Area Islamabad Perks and Amenities

It’s a popular shopping hub because of the various varieties it offers.  Additionally, there are a few outdoor sports and adventure sports facilities nearby. There are trees on both sides of the well-built highways that connect Blue Area to Islamabad. Furthermore, a number of luxury parks are also close by, increasing the value of the modern neighborhood.

Availability of Transport

The most popular mode of transportation for the working class in Islamabad is the metro bus service, especially for those who live in the city’s outlying regions and suburbs. Moreover, numerous corporate headquarters are located in Blue Area, as was previously mentioned. As a result, metro buses are crowded with office workers in the daytime. Furthermore, three metro stations come in the Blue area of Islamabad such as 7th Avenue, Stock Exchange, and Shaheed-e-Millat.

Hotels and Restaurants

Blue Area Islamabad is a famous place for its corporate offices and also IT companies. Moreover, it also offers restaurants having good quality food. In addition, the restaurants offer every type of food. Local restaurants that serve delicious food at reasonable costs are also available. Furthermore, here is the list of top restaurants in Blue Area Islamabad.

  • Savour Foods and Bravo Foods
  • Tehzeeb Bakers
  • Salt n Pepper
  • Khoka Khola
  • Meraki as well as Asian Wok
  • Usmania Restaurant
  • Dragon City Chinese Restaurant as well as Bolan Saltish Sajji

Hospitals in Blue Area Islamabad

In addition, it’s important to have access to medical facilities close to your residence, and the blue area on the map shows how neighboring sector residents can access these resources. Moreover, patients can avail high-quality medical care from a variety of nearby hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, the following are the hospitals and clinics in the Blue area.

  • Kulsum International Hospital
  • Polyclinic Hospital
  • Abid Hospital
  • Dr. Zarina Khan as well as Dr. Naeem Khan Clinic
  • Capital Diagnostic Clinics Blue Area
  • Blue area also has Jahangir Eye Hospital
  • CDA Hospital
  • Ali Medical Center


Mosques serve as a gathering place for Muslims to pray and are also often the hub of these communities. In addition, there are various mosques in the Blue Area that cater to the religious needs of the community. Here are a few of these mosques:

  • Jamia Masjid Al-Rehman
  • Masjid Syedna Siddiq-e-Akbar
  • Beverly Centre Mosque
  • In addition, Jamia Madni Mosque and Usman-e-Ghani Masjid

Educational Complexes

Blue area is mainly a commercial hub and also largely filled with offices and shops. Therefore, there are not too many schools but it’s home to famous and reputable schools and colleges. Moreover, the Punjab College which is the largest educational network in Pakistan has its branch in the Blue area. Furthermore, these are the well-known educational institutes in this area

  • Punjab College of Science
  • School of Business and Management also
  • Mentorus
  • Al-Karam International
  • ICD and SCS
  • Moreover, Punjab College of Science on Fazl-Ul-Haq Road in Category G-6/2
  • Indus Group of Colleges
  • Federal Medical Dental College for Women in the G-7/3 sector
  • FG Margalla College for Women in -Street 62 close to F-7/4
  • Also, Federal Government College for women

Gyms and Fitness Centers

If you’re one of those people who works out frequently, this location is ideal for you. The following are a few of the Blue Area’s well-known gyms such as Fitness Lounge, Studio 8, The Gym and VIP Fitness.


The current blue area of Islamabad is the city’s busiest commercial zone, home to thousands of businesses. It is about time that a new commercial area was developed to accommodate new industries in central Islamabad due to the constant immigration of people from all over Pakistan and the expansion of the capital city. Furthermore, by keeping in mind the above-mentioned facilities and features you can discover a wide range of shops and plazas available at affordable prices. Now, the new Blue area Islamabad has been launched and offers residential plots as well. Moreover, it will be a great investment opportunity for those who are looking for houses in the Blue area of Islamabad.

If you are looking for more information about housing societies you can read New City Paradise, and also Blue World City. Furthermore, you can also check the Capital Smart City article to learn more about Islamabad’s property investment options.

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