5 Reasons to Choose Railroad-Style Apartments

Have you ever seen Railroad-Style Apartments? You must be familiar with railway platforms, but have you ever been there? A new term for you? No, worries. We have got you covered. Railroad Apartments take you to a string of rooms arranged consecutively one after another, just like the wagons of the train. The railroad apartments are a series of connected rooms in a row.

Old apartments also called railroad apartments as rooms were placed to the front and to the back of the building and windows in the central spaces. However, this type of house is beneficial irrespective of its affordability factor or the sunny look of the apartment. Besides, railroad apartments are known for their minimalistic layout and ensure a smooth passage from one room to another.

Railroad apartments give a sense of complete privacy but also some warmth in aesthetics. This blog will bring you to the modern Railroad-Style Apartments and their advantages with much more.

History of Railway Apartments

The railroad apartments originated in the mid-1800s but gained popularity in the 20th century. Railroad-style apartments were the product of that period when human architecture and intellect were the highest of their kind. During that time, people loved experimenting, and anything new with respect to architectural skills, designs, and layouts was always welcome.

Railroad-style apartments had been built in the absence of the requirement of cleanliness, light, air, and privacy, and without the availability of the lift. The current layouts for the railroad are generally perceived as awkward and unattractive.

Characteristics of a Railroad Apartment

Here are the notable characteristics of Railroad Apartments:


  • Tall ceilings
  • None of the widows in the main hallway
  • Usually has 3 to 5 rooms.
  • The center area hosts the kitchen.
  • Fewer storerooms and limited storage area
  • The front area is where the living spaces are found most time.
  • There are bathrooms in the sideways room.
  • Floor-through long and narrow four-sided layouts
  • These are joint corridor rooms that come one after the other.
  • These apartments have front or back windows.
  • Mostly, such walk-up multi-family buildings are to be found in old historical buildings.
  • A single common lobby, room-dividing doorways, or in other cases, a hallway off to one side with multiple entry points could be included in railroad layouts.

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5 Reasons Why Railroad-Style Apartments Are Actually Good

Here are five strong reasons why Railroad-Style Apartments stand out:

1: Affordability

Railroad apartment provides affordability because it contains many rooms and may accommodate a large number of people. The narrow, long design ensures efficient space utilization and is more economical to operate. This might, however, be a huge advantage for poor individuals or families.

2: Bright and Sunny

The layout of the railroad apartments with their long, broad window panels in the hallway can enhance the bright natural light and refreshing breeze and cross-ventilation. Railroad apartments are ideal for persons who have the impression of being suffocated in a conventional apartment and desire an airy and brighter setup.

3: Privacy

Though there is usually a need to pass through a room in order to access another one, this particular layout is characterized by a high level of privacy.

It is usually a separate room for roommates or families looking for separation and distinct living spaces. However, this also facilitates the privacy of the residents because each room in the railroad apartment has its own bathroom.

4: Cozy and Aesthetic

Smaller and more compressed railroad apartments might make them cozier or easier to maintain. You have limited space, you can décor the house for less money but more creativity. The railroad-style apartments will be designed with the efficiency to ensure a clean, cool, colorful, and minimalist dwelling environment.

5: Unique Layout

An apartment layout is filled with uniqueness and character in a railroad. Such apartments usually exude a separate historic character to them.

These include original hardwood floors, bare brick walls as well as architectural details which contribute to their beauty and keep the place aesthetic. Railroad apartments are a paradise for those who are fond of antiques, vintage, and retro feels.

Decorating a Railroad-Style Apartment

Here are some suggestions for decorating a Railroad-Style Apartment:

  • Separate zones with arches
  • Tidy mess and dump stuff in the upright space.
  • You could use sliding closet doors instead to avoid swinging closet doors.
  • In order to keep up with the old retro look of the apartment, vintage decorations, and paintings should be added.
  • Keep them low to avoid overcrowding and maintain that airy feel.
  • Use sliding panels, wooden doors, or curtains to separate rooms for privacy.
  • Apply natural light and brighten the limited floor layout with mirrors and metallic.
  • Consider using Murphy beds, wall-mounted desks, or movable dining tables, for example.
  • Do not heavily install windows to keep the brightness of the apartment.
  • Create an illusion of long side walls by hanging mirrors precisely opposite one another.
  • Use the same light neutral color for walls and ceiling to create a feeling of space and cohesion.

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Railroad-Style Apartment Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons of Railroad-Style Apartment:


  • Compact, efficient living
  • No space wasted
  • Charming and full of character
  • Affordable than other apartment types
  • Appeals to modern minimalists


  • No elevators and other amenities.
  • Lack of privacy
  • Lack of natural light
  • Narrow, cramped rooms
  • Lack of airflow


Railroad-style living apartments, which consist of a series of rooms like train carriages, provide a unique way of living. However, these apartments are old as well as efficient in space use. These apartments have advantages and disadvantages. However, their strong points are affordability and a cozy, but personal layout while the weak points are privacy issues and limitations in natural light and airflow. However, with clever decoration and a vision for space maximization, these apartments have a charm for anyone hunting for affordable urban living.

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