21 Steps to Start Your Real Estate Business In Pakistan

Real Estate Business in Pakistan is the fastest growing business and there are numerous reasons to enter this booming industry. People living in Pakistan and overseas are investing in real estate sector and making money out of it. Moreover, the real estate sector guarantees a secure, consistent cashflows with tax benefits. These are some reasons which is making real estate investment as the most attractive out of all other businesses. Furthermore, Government of Pakistan is promoting the real estate sector which is another intriguing reason to invest in this business. In addition, one can start their business with Nova City Peshawar.

Real estate sector is booming multiple folds for decades especially because of the timely and exceptional return on investment. Furthermore, property laws have evolved in Pakistan and made it impossible to start a fake real estate business opportunity and loot people. In addition, investors have become billionaires in matters of year from timely real estate business which makes it important to make a timely and calculated investment. One of the projects which is helping people start their real estate business is Nova City Peshawar.

21 Steps to start your real estate business in Pakistan:

However, it is very important to consider few things before making an investment in real estate just like any other business in Pakistan. Real estate business requires thorough diligence before investment to protect your hard-earned money. Following are some of the tips every investor needs to follow before making an investment in real estate sector.

  1. Location:

Location of your real estate investment is the most important factor which will determine the success or failure of the investment. Moreover, investor needs to consider the prospects of the location of their investment. Then, decide based on the future development of the area. Furthermore, if the location of the investment is not ideal it won’t provide early return on investment. Nova City Peshawar is present on one of the most ideal locations, which attracts a lot of investors.

  1. NOC from Administration:

Before investing in any housing society, it is very important to make sure that the developers have obtained NOC from the concerned administration. There are many housing societies which starts booking plots without acquiring NOC. People are deprived of their money on rejection of NOC. However, Nova City Islamabad has acquired their NOC to gain the trust of its business investors.

  1. Reliable Developers:

It is very important to have reliable developers before starting any real estate business. Additionally, reliable investors help in the growth of real estate business. Investors who take wise decisions make the business grow multiple times.

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  1. Market Research:

Market research is the most important factor which will determine the success of the investment. Moreover, it is very important to investigate regarding the area, location, developers, and past record of the scheme. Furthermore, there are many well established names in real estate sector such as Nova City Peshawar where you can make investment.

  1. Budget:

Budget is very important when making real estate investment. Investor needs to consider their budget before making real estate investment. Furthermore, investor need to invest a certain percentage of their investment in business and keep a certain amount saved for a rainy day. Incase of investing full capital there is a chance that the investor needs to take out their money before a handsome return on investment. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar accommodate people from all budgets.

  1. Type of Real Estate investment:

There are different types of real estate investment in Pakistan such as investing in plots, houses, apartment, commercial properties, and rental properties. Investors need to have a clear understanding of their expectation of their return and their budget. If the investor needs a monthly return on investment, a rental commercial or residential property is a perfect option. If the expectation is a healthy return on sale of the property, investment in a new housing society such as Nova City Peshawar is the way to go.

  1. Calculation of cost:

It is not very cheap to invest in real estate business in Pakistan. There are many other costs associated with such investment such as maintenance and protection of the property. Furthermore, there are governmental taxes on real estate investment which are to be paid annually. Therefore, it is vital to calculate the cost of investment as well as other costs before making any real estate investment. In addition, Nova City Peshawar provides with all the calculation in the beginning.

  1. Selection of Rewarding Properties:

It is vital to choose a rewarding property when it comes to real estate investment in Pakistan. Furthermore, investor needs to be aware of high return properties and housing societies in the region such as Nova City Peshawar. Moreover, the information such as the area, price, amenities, and accessibility of the property will make it high rewarding property.

  1. Future Security

The future security of the investment if very important because there are many unforeseeable aspects involved in real estate investment. Furthermore, investor always need to consider exit strategies in case of any turbulence in the market. There are catch to any investment in business and so does real estate sector. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar provides its investors with the future security.

  1. Flipping Houses:

It is a very old strategy around the world to flip houses and make money out of it and it also is a top returning business in Pakistan. Furthermore, investor can buy old houses with bad condition, renovate them to better condition and make a profit out of it. There is very little effort required in renovating such properties. Additionally, there is high return on the investment due to high and constant demand of properties. Nova City Peshawar is one of the most trending societies, where a new business owner can flip the houses.

  1. Real Estate Investment Groups:

There are investment group which are very useful for people new in real estate business. Furthermore, these group take a minimal fee from their clients and invest their money in highly profitable properties and guarantees a high return on Investment. It is important to do proper diligence before investing with real estate investment groups.  Nova City Peshawar is associated with a lot of investment groups, which makes it highly profitable.

  1. Investing in Rental Properties:

Rental properties are one of those real estate investment which guarantees a high monthly return as well as a long-term appreciation of the property. In addition, the initial investment on rental properties is high, However, it gives a monthly return which makes the return on investment faster. Nova City Peshawar is one of the most trending societies, where a new business owner can rent the houses.

  1. Soil Testing of Residential Plots:

There are many new residential housing societies which are developing around the country. Furthermore, it makes it harder for the investor to choose one. Every investor needs to make sure that the soil test reports of the property are fine and there is no problem with the land. Moreover, investing in a faulty land can result in high loss due to damage to the property. Nova City Peshawar is developed after the in-depth soil testing.

    1. Taking Advantage of Instalment Plans:

Almost every housing society provides easy installment plans for their customers such as Nova City Peshawar. Furthermore, by using such installment plans you can give down payment and pay rest of the amount in quarterly installment so there is no burden on the investor to pay at once.

  1. Buying Property Files:

Property files are different from buying actual property. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay the actual amount of the property but only the price of the file. In fact, you can get high return on very little initial investment. Care is required before buying files of societies because there are many Ponzi schemes out in the market. Property files of Nova City Peshawar are available without any scam.

  1. Study Master Plan:

It is very important to study the masterplan of any society. In fact, a masterplan is developed after a lot of considerations. It gives an idea of the whole society. Moreover, societies with the good master plan flourish a lot. Nova City Peshawar has a very well-developed masterplan.

  1. Know about taxes:

It is essential to know about the property taxes of the region in which you want to start the real estate business. Moreover, some tax laws provide relaxation and a lot of benefits for the investors. In Pakistan, property taxes are very relaxed, and Government of Pakistan provides the investors with a lot of tax reforms. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar provides all the information about taxes to its investors.

  1. Know about laws:

It is also very essential to know about the property laws. In fact, before starting the business, it is very important to know about the legality and the legal procedures. Moreover, laws are the rights, which one should know about. Nova City Peshawar is a legal society which abides by the laws. It provides its investor with the chance to invest in lawful society.

  1. Know about exist strategies:

An investor should know about multiple exit strategies before starting real estate business. Moreover, investors should invest in a property which can be used as a rental if market is in its critical stage. Furthermore, if capital is limited it should be invested while keeping in mind. In addition, in any case, if the market sinks investor can rent out the property or make it a commercial space. This minimizes the loss and ensure the cash flow. Nova City Peshawar provide its investors with multiple exit strategies.

  1. Determine terms and conditions:

One of the most important deciding factors before starting real estate business is establishing term and conditions. In fact, After the selection of property type and location for real estate investment in Pakistan. It is very important to decide the terms. Moreover, it is important to keep the important points regarding rents, yearly maintenance, and other cost in those terms. In fact, Nova City Peshawar provides every detail to its investors, so they know about the terns and conditions.

  1. Buy property with potential to grow:

Whenever an investor decides to start real estate business in Pakistan it is important that they see the growth of the business. Furthermore, real estate is a continuous business where the chances of profit increase by multiple times. It only needs adjustments and addition in the property. Moreover, whenever a property is sold on a profitable rate it helps an individual to do more real estate investment in Pakistan. Nova City Peshawar provides the best potential to investors, so they can grow and flourish in this economy.


            In Conclusion, Pakistan real estate is an ongoing business. Many investors are starting their own real estate business in Pakistan. However, the above-mentioned steps should be taken

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