NADRA, FBR collaborate to bring non-filers into the tax system

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been assigned the responsibility to assist the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in including non-filers within the tax system, as reported on November 24.

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To support this effort, a high-level committee comprising key officials from both NADRA and FBR has formally established by the government. This committee’s primary task is to amalgamate data for identifying potential individuals, primarily focusing on expanding the tax base.

The newly formed data integration committee will kickstart the exchange of information to register non-filers. The collaboration between FBR and NADRA aims to streamline data sharing, facilitating the assessment of actual incomes for current taxpayers, enrollment of new taxpayers, and the creation of tax profiles for non-filers.

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As per the news source, FBR and NADRA have reinitiated discussions to fortify the expansion of the tax base.

FBR is enthusiastic about utilizing various data sources to enhance the tax net effectively. The ultimate objective is to strengthen data capabilities in recognizing and registering individuals who haven’t submitted income tax returns.

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