Merger Letter From Capital Smart City To DHA Sent to RDA

In light of recent notification, the merger of Capital Smart City with Defense Housing Authority Islamabad-Rawalpindi (DHAI-R) has been confirmed. The rumors regarding the partnership of Capital Smart City Islamabad with DHAI-R were surrounding the town from the last several months. The joint venture is officially disclosed now.

DHA is going to undertake this phenomenal project on shareholding basis. Frame work regarding Capital Smart City implementation agreement between Chairman of Future Development Holdings (Pvt) Limited and Vice President of Defense Housing Authority (DHAI-R) has duly signed on November 30th, 2018.   The name of the Capital Smart City Islamabad is speculated to change into DHA Smart City after this official announcement.

Capital Smart City is the first ever smart city of Pakistan. It is an innovative and futuristic approach in Real Estate sector. It is planned to be an Eco-friendly smart city that will provide excellent residential & business opportunities to its residents. The developers have planned this smart city on the principles of self-sustainability keeping in view the projected influx of population & boom of urban migration in Rawalpindi & Islamabad over time.

DHA Smart City is project of Future Holdings Developments (Private) Limited in collaboration of Big Name and  most reputable developer, Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. HRL is offering its services from the past 60 years.  Meanwhile Defense Housing Authority is also believed to be one of the leading firms when it comes to building & development sector in Pakistan. DHAI-R always comes up with exclusive yet lucrative opportunities for smart investment. It offers unique residential & business space with all comforts, amenities & timeless elegance. In the past few years, DHA has spread & expanded at a phenomenal pace in Pakistan by keeping the quality consistent.

Wave of excitement has seen within investors & buyers to hear this news as both are experienced yet veteran companies. The commercial plots of Capital Smart City have completely been sold out. Prodigious rise will be seen form now on wards in buying and selling of plots now.

This merger is said to be smart move by experts. As DHA is established & a reputable organization. This partnership will aid Capital Smart City to build its reputation without any hustle. Moreover, it will secure this new project from big challenges in long run in near future. This merger will take this project to towering heights in near future.

Merger Letter From Capital Smart City To DHA Sent to RDA


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