K-2 Power Project to Produce 2500 MW

K-2 Power Project to Produce 2500 MW Environment-friendly Electricity

Rawalpindi: Vice Chairman Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) while visiting Allama Iqbal Park (Previously known as Nawaz Sharif Park) on Murree road and Rawal Park on Rawal Road addressed the public gathering.

While addressing the public He state that K-2 Atomic Power Project is in production mode. And will soon add 2500 Mega Watt Cheap and Environment-friendly Electricity to the national grid. Pakistan will increase its capacity for the production of power by the mid of 2022.

Many More such projects are in making as well, While the Construction of Mohmand Dam is in full swing.

Authorities will construct more dams to produce Environment-friendly Electricity and also these dams will irrigate the crops nearby to enhance agriculture.

Vice-Chairman PHA also briefed about the strategy of the Government in the upcoming budget. He said it is the responsibility of the Government to full fill the promises made at the time of elections. Moreover, he said that it is important to settle the frustration of the people around the country.


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