IJP Road will be open to traffic in March, says CDA Chairman

The most anticipated IJP Road is already in its last phases of development, according to Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, and will be finished and available to traffic in March 2023. Breaking news about ‘ IJP Road will be open to traffic in March, says CDA Chairman’ is appreciative.

After many delays, IJP Road’s renovation is finally complete

As you are already aware, there were several reasons for the delay of IJP Road’s renovation since it began. However, as of late, CDA has declared that the development effort has reached its end.

CDA Chairman confirms the long-awaited completion of the IJP Road renovation

Moreover, the completion date for the newly widen IJP is March 23 according to the CDA Chairman. He declares it on his official Twitter account.

Experience a hassle-free drive between Islamabad and Rawalpindi with IJP Road

Traffic between Islamabad and Rawalpindi will move more smoothly due to IJP Road. As a result, there would be less traffic congestion and faster traffic between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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Moreover, the national Logistics Cell (NLC) received the contract for the reconstruction and enlargement of IJP Road in October 2021 since it was the lowest bidder for the project.

IJP Road is almost ready, and the Agha Shahi Flyover is on its way

In January 2023, the CDA chairman also provided updates on the project’s progress. Moreover, he claims that the construction of IJP will finish soon. In addition, he declares the completion of the Agha Shahi (9th Avenue Flyover), which is the only remaining component of the project. Furthermore, April 2023 was the initial target date for the project’s completion, following Project Concept-1 (PC-1). Nonetheless, Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif directed an acceleration of the development activity.

Further, the previous Capital Development Authority Chairperson provided the following updates:

  • He declares the 90 % completion of  IJP Road’s rigid pavement
  • Mandi Mor Bridge’s construction is currently complete; NLC is now working on expansion joints and NJB
  • Further, the Nullah Leh Bridge’s structural construction is near to complete; however, the development of the expansion joints is still pending.
  • Concrete work, brick, and asphalt pavement work are 70% done

Moreover, the IJP Road will be opened to traffic by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in March. Further, it is also significant to mention that CDA is in charge of many infrastructure projects that are in progress in Islamabad.

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