DHA Bahawalpur holds an interactive session with dealers and realtors

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur recently organized an engaging and dynamic two-way discussion platform for its esteemed real estate agents and registered dealers. The comprehensive insights from this session were shared via the authority’s official Facebook page on December 7.

This session served as a platform to address queries and issues previously raised, offering thorough updates and progress reports. Headed by Project Director Brig Muhammad Naveed Iqbal, the discussion primarily focused on enhancing city access, emphasizing the installation of lighting along the Yazman Access route.

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Participants were informed about the latest advancements in Orchard Enclave, a significant regional project. Additionally, the forum delved into ongoing market conditions and underscored the importance of nationwide business gatherings.

A standout feature was the active involvement of stakeholders, who not only shared their perspectives but also provided valuable suggestions. Brig Muhammad Naveed Iqbal attentively listened to participant queries, addressing concerns and challenges raised during the session.

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The interactive session witnessed participants expressing their admiration for the project’s promising development pace. Brig Muhammad Naveed Iqbal reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to maintaining investor profitability, assuring continued prioritization of stakeholder needs and concerns by DHA Bahawalpur.

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