Coronavirus Live Update

Royal Business Solutions shares with you live updates of Coronavirus Cases around the world. In Coronavirus Live update, we keep an eye on following aspects

  • Total Number of Cases
  • Total Number of Active Cases
  • Total Number of Recovered Patients
  • Total Number of Mortalities

All the information at this portal will be updated at the official website after every 3 hours. In this situation of extreme distress, RBS stands still with you. We cares for our clients. RBS believes that all of us together can fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

Total Cases : 5,988

Recovered Cases : 1,446

Active Cases : 4,435

Deaths : 107

  • Recovered
  • Active
  • Deaths

Coronavirus in WorldWide

Total Cases : 2,026,779

Recovered Cases : 493,708

Active Cases : 1,403,972

Deaths : 129,099

  • Recovered
  • Active
  • Deaths

COVID-19 Coronavirus: Top 10 Most-Affected Countries

SnOther CountriesTotal CasesTotal DeathsRecovered CasesActive Cases
4France143,303 15,72928,80598,769
6UK98,47612,868N/A 85,264
7China82,295 3,34277,8161,137
8Iran76,3894,777 49,93321,679

last update: Apr 15, 8:20 PM

Source :  worldometers

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