Capital Smart City is Biggest ECO Friendly City of Pakistan

Capital Smart City is the first ever Smart City of Pakistan. It aims to provide best and healthy lifestyle to citizens. Tucked away from city hustle bustle, Capital Smart City determined to ensure the high quality of environment. For that purpose, their keen focus while planning and developing the project is to do not disturb the nature. It has also reserved more than 30% of the total land for green spaces and topography. That is the reason it is called biggest eco friendly city of Pakistan.

Horticulture Department

Capital Smart City has developed particular Horticulture Department. This department is responsible for plantation all over the project. While talking to RBS representative, the spokesperson f horticulture department said that they use a certain pattern of plantation. For instance, in residential blocks plants are sown in different pattern and for commercial it varies.


Nursery in Capital Smart City is the first ever development. It was started in September, 2018 and in November the structure was ready. Initially, it starts with 50 to 60 thousand plants. However, with passage of time, the capacity increase. Presently, nursery hosts more than 300,000 plants. Out of which several are imported from abroad.

The head of nursery said Capital Smart City developers believe in self-sufficiency and independence. The basic aim of building a nursery was to produce plants for the decoration of project on our own. So that we do not have to buy from any plants from outside. Presently, the plants in nursery range from ornamental to seasonal variety.

Theme Parks

Capital Smart City basically works on neighborhood concept. Each neighborhood has its own central park, commercial area and other necessities of life. It is featuring number of theme parks denoted by flower name. For instance, in hills community there is culinary park, it will be a one of its kind. This park will have edible plants, fruits and herb. Similarly, Tranquility Park offer most calm and peaceful ambience for visitors.  There are number of other such parks that adds more to fresh and natural environment of smart city.

The other main landmark achievement to make it eco friendly City is 18-Hole Golf Course. Capital Smart City is going to become a dream place where you can live a life you actually deserve.

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