Agriculture Sector Grows 3.1% this year

Agriculture Sector Grows 3.1% this year

The agriculture Sector records growth of 3.1% this year. The government did a lot of efforts to appreciate the growth of the agriculture sector. To get maximum yield \Output of the agriculture sector Government provides Quality Seeds to the farmers at very cheap rates. This initiative helped farmers to get more growth out of the field.

Federal Minister for food security Fakhar Imam stated that record production was recorded in six major crops this season. Moreover, these crops will raise/Uplift the growth of Agriculture in the country. 

The agriculture sector plays an important role in Pakistan as it contributes a total of 18.9% of the total GDP. Fast growth in agriculture is a growing demand of the nation as agricultural land is decreasing day by day. Therefore, there is a need to increase the total agricultural output from minimum land. 

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