Why you should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia?

You perhaps have always felt the urge to move to a home in the city’s most serene and lovely neighborhood. Getting up every morning and stepping into the hustle and bustle of the city makes less sense in terms of the lifestyle you desire. However, as cities get more crowded, an increasing number of new homeowners are moving to the countryside for a more serene and relaxing living experience. Countryside Residencia is the best destination for all your aspirations. A life free of people, noise, dirty air, enormous quantities of concrete, and garbage appears to be very appealing. In this blog, we are going to explore why you should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia.

Reasons why you should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia?

Countryside Residencia is a remarkable project and offers various lavish facilities that make it the best society to reside in. We are going to provide you with the reasons that will answer why you should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia.

1. Ideal Location

The countryside Residencia location is ideal which is the major reason for buying a plot in the society. This is for you, where you may breathe in the fresh air. Due to its countryside setting it is a great option for reducing stress, being calm and well-being, and being in contact with nature. The housing society is only 13 kilometers from DHA Phase 2, so you can quickly travel to Islamabad’s most wealthy neighborhood and take advantage of urban growth. It will only take 15 minutes to get to the T-Chowk Islamabad form, from where you can either access the Islamabad Expressway or go on the GT route to another turn towards the renowned Giga Mall.

You may develop closer ties to your family, your surroundings, and yourself when you’re not in the middle of the concrete jungle or under a lot of stress. Living in Residencia’s farming community offers a lot of peace of mind, which is one of its many outstanding advantages.

The quality of life provided by nature here might lead to changes in a healthy lifestyle. The fresh air and lush scenery aid in mental and physical relaxation and detoxification. Furthermore, there is little question that youngsters will benefit from a greener that is far more exciting than unhealthy city life.

The Countryside Residencia generally allows you to participate in family activities ranging from walks to farming. Physical exercise is also convenient to practice in this setting, not only because there is less traffic, but also because the wide spaces and natural landscapes encourage you to walk around in a lovely setting.

2. Approved NOC

The other major reason is its legal status. This wonderful design of housing society is maintained by professional developers who have finished all paperwork and legal processes and will complete soon. Countryside Residencia NOC will be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s NOC (RDA).

3. Reputed Developers

Buying a plot is a housing society you need to check if developers are trustworthy so you can be sure that your investment is in safe hands. Countryside Residencia developers are SIM Builders and Zee Brothers that are collaborating on the project. These are well-known, government-registered companies having offices in Islamabad. Surbana Jurong (SJ) has been appointed by the developer to carry out the master plan for Countryside Residencia. It is a Singapore-based organization with projects and offices all around the world, as well as expertise in designing various projects in Pakistan.

4. Easy Accessibility

The easy access to the society is also a major reason which is taken into account while buying a plot.

The location of one’s residence is determined by where one works, the demands of one’s family, and one’s lifestyle. If you work on the other side of town, you’ll have to make a compromise when deciding where to live in the future. Before purchasing a new home, you need to study routes and travel time during peak hours, whether by automobile or public transportation; this can help you identify which neighborhood is ideal for you.

Countryside Residencia has the benefits of excellent road connection, as it is accessible from the main GT Road and is only a few minutes away from the Islamabad Expressway. Countryside Residencia is in close proximity to prominent housing developments. Some nearby housing societies include:

  • KRL Housing Scheme
  • DHA Phase 2
  • DHA Phase 5
  • Canyon Views
  • Canyon Views
  • PAEC Employees Housing Society
  • Police Foundation Housing Society
  • Zara Housing Association

5. Clean Environment

Being able to breathe fresher air there is one of the advantages of buying a plot and residing in Countryside Residencia. The reason is simple: there are fewer automobiles on the road and hence less pollution. There are hundreds of automobiles everywhere in the city centers, and the streets are always congested. There is always movement. Tranquility is not readily apparent, and many people struggle to find it.

The developers and builders of this housing development make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible during the construction process by leaving plenty of green space. This is not only beneficial to the environment, but it is also beneficial to you and your family.

6. State-of-the-art Master Plan

You always check the master plan of the project when buying a plot in the society. So you are delighted to inform you that a group of experts strategically devised and planned Countryside Residencia master plan. Furthermore, the master plan includes world-class amenities at affordable prices. For those seeking long-term investment opportunities in Islamabad as well as those seeking a stress-free lifestyle away from the pressures of the city, this is the best investment opportunity.

Also, the great location of the project meets everyone’s need to connect with nature and beauty. The developers are building a community with everything a person might desire. Furthermore, the Countryside Residencia offers a variety of residential plot sizes for sale at affordable pricing.

Hence the state-of-the-art master plan is another reason why you should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia.

7. Affordable Payment Plan

Taking finances into account hold supreme importance. Countryside Residencia payment plan intends to help those who want to live in a luxurious farmhouse setting but are unable to pay for it. In order to make housing accessible to everyone, management created this housing society. Furthermore, investors will be able to choose from a variety of plot sizes ranging in all sizes.

8. Provision of all basic Facilities

Buying a plot in Countryside Residencia is beneficial as all basic facilities including gas, electricity, and water are continuously provided by the society. Furthermore, residents are not subject to power cuts or water shortages. Countryside Residencia features power backups and generators that provide electricity in the event of an outage of electricity.

The water needs of the locals have also been taken into account in the project. As a result, huge volumes of water will be kept in reservoirs that the locals may use for daily tasks.

Countryside Residencia is also constructed in such a way that it fosters a resilient social environment in the surrounding area. Furthermore, the society is providing individuals with an enticing and serene atmosphere while also becoming a center for business, residential, and recreational activities.

9. Exceptional Features

In addition, there are surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, and guards on duty around the clock. They will do everything necessary to secure the residents’ safety.

In addition, Countryside Residencia includes a modern solid waste disposal system that will keep the community clean.


We provided you with various reasons why should buy a plot in Countryside Residencia. The epitome of genuine luxury, Countryside Residencia provides the pinnacle of farmhouse life. Countryside Residencia also has a highly appealing idea, design, development, location, and accessibility. Everyone aspires to live in a nice setting, but only a select few can. So you’re in luck since Countryside Residencia is providing a terrific investment opportunity at a low cost. It is therefore the top residential community in Rawalpindi.

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