Srinagar Highway Extension Approved by CDA to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Srinagar Highway Extension Approved by CDA to Reduce Traffic Congestion.To control and get rid of traffic congestion, the CDA authorized several projects, including an extension to the Srinagar Highway and Jinnah Avenue, news sources report.

Feasibility report for the project

The engagement of experts to create a feasibility study and design for the extension of the Srinagar Highway from the 7th Avenue Interchange to Serena Chowk.


Further, the Capital Development Authority Development Working Party (CDA-DWP) discussed the different development projects overseen by Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal at a meeting held at the CDA’s main office. Further, the members of the Planning Commission were present at the meeting in addition to CDA executives.

Construction of Bicycle lanes and underpass

As part of this project, CDA will construct bicycle lanes on both sides of the road. Moreover, the authorities have also approved the construction of an underpass. Further, for this particular project, a total of PKR 8.5 million has also been granted. Moreover, they will complete the assignment in the following two months. Moreover, this is a piece of good news regarding ‘Srinagar Highway Extension Approved by CDA to Reduce Traffic Congestion’.

Expansion of Jinnah Avenue in the G-9 sector

Further, the council also approved a PC-I for the Rs. 482.6 million projects to expand Jinnah Avenue in the G-9/F-9 Sector. Furthermore, they will expand the road and will construct two more lanes in addition to the bike track. Moreover, the expected completion date for this project is less than six months.

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Further, the following projects were also part of the meeting:

  • The National Bus Terminal will be erected in sector I-11, and PKR 10 million has been allowed for the consultation service for feasibility and engineering design.
  • Moreover, PC-I has been permitted to spend PKR 52 million to install security gates across the Red Zone.

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